Charleston Khakis: What Makes a Great Pair of Pants?

You might have noticed our predilection for Charleston Khakis. From offering pleated to flat front, Charleston Brick to light khaki colors—we’ve got it all covered. But if at any point you found yourself asking, “what exactly is it about Charleston Khakis that makes them so, well, Charleston?” then this is the article you’ve been waiting for.

Why Charleston khakis, after all, and not just any old type of khaki? What is it about the Charleston look that separates our trousers from the rest? And why should that matter to you? Astute questions. To answer them, let’s first define exactly what the Charleston look actually means in this day and age:

Defining the “Charleston Look”

Like accents and unique slang, there are different “styles” for different regions across the United States. It’s not hard, for example, to identify a New England accent—as well as New England style. The same is true in the American south, of which Charleston is one of the most culturally-important cities there is.

New England and Charleston looks have some similarities, as pointed out by But while New England style has a strong emphasis on outerwear during the winter months—and reasonably so—the Southern/Charleston look has to deal with warmer temperatures year-round. And that means understanding comfortable and light fabrics that nonetheless communicate a sense of substance and style. Some might call it, “summer preppy.”

The Charleston Khaki is one of the most obvious demonstrations of this. For example, take these Charleston Khakis Cotton/Tancel in Flat Front. The light color is a summer-y look—after all, you’re not supposed to wear white after labor day. But another way to think about southern style is how the rest of the country dresses until Labor Day. With warm temperatures year-round, it’s important to look and stay comfortable even in a humid, subtropical climate.

Pairing Stylish Looks with the Charleston Khaki

Southern/Charleston style is more than just a warmer version of New England preppy—it has its own identity. Although they share some of the same themes, such as access to the ocean, the truth is that Charleston’s style tends to have fewer patterns than New England. Browsing through our available Charleston Khakis, you’ll find that our pieces tend to have the following characteristics in common:

  • A simple, stripped-down, monochromatic look
  • Pairing particularly well with browns
  • Colors tend to be lighter and more pastel rather than focusing on Earth tones

In warmer weather, lighter colors tend to be more comfortable, and that’s had an influence on the kinds of colors you’ll see worn. In particular, matching clothes to colors like navy and brown as opposed to charcoal may be one of the main differences of living on a coast rather than living in a cooler climate.

If you want to pair clothes well with our Charleston Khakis, pick the trousers that best fit your individual style—and then keep within those themes. Maintain that minimalistic, gentlemanly look, stick to brighter colors, and chances are you’ll look good in Charleston—or any other city, for that matter.
May 11, 2016 by Berle Editor
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