3 Charleston-Style Shorts: These are Summer Must-Haves

For most of the country, it’s almost summer. And in some parts of the country—Charleston, SC, for instance—summer is already here in earnest. But no matter which part of the country you’re from, your next step for summer is obvious: you have too many pants and it’s time for you to invest in a nice pair of summer shorts.

Traditionally, you’re told to buy summer shorts because you need to keep cool. But this year’s summer shorts about more than that. They’re also about communicating a stronger sense of personal style: something above the usual grade that communicates, “I know how to dress like an adult—nay, a gentleman.”

Sound like too much to handle? Don’t worry; we’ve got three options that will make your purchase of a quality pair of summer shorts that much easier:

Option #1: The Basic Khaki in Flat Front

The what: Simple, straight-forward pair of shorts that’s not too high, not too low.

The why: These are great if you want a versatile pair of shorts that will match with just about anything else you could wear all summer long. There are two color options here—a light khaki that borders on white and a darker khaki color. Both are equally versatile. You’ll likely find that they match with just about anything you could throw at them, including matching colors for a top. Mix it up with a dark belt for some contrast and you’ll fit in just about anywhere.

Option #2: Flat Front in Charleston Brick

The what: A different, “salmon-y” color with 100% cotton that’s light, breezy, and outside the traditional box of most versatile shorts.

The why: Because you don’t want to look like everyone else this summer, that’s why! Consider these shorts if you want a touch of the Charleston look without going so far over the edge that your shorts don’t match with anything else in your wardrobe. And, by the way, you’ll have no problem matching these with polos, dress shirts, T-shirts, and more.

Option #3: Microfiber Short Pleated

The what: A pleated pair of shorts is a better option if you plan on doing a lot of sitting—say, at a summer class or on casual Fridays. They also “dress up” the shorts a little bit so they’re more appropriate for formal settings.

The why: You can get any color you like here, but we particularly like navy. It provides a nice contrast to the lighter colors people tend to wear with their tops in the summer, and the pleats allow you to sit comfortably for longer events including dinners.

Of course, when you really open up your wardrobe, just about any of the summer shorts you see here at Berle will do the trick. We haven’t even introduced you to our Patch Madras shorts yet. But if you start simple and add to your wardrobe over time, you’ll have a closet that will keep you cool and stylish all summer—whether you live in Charleston or not.