Big and Tall? Here's How To Dress To Stay Cool This Summer

It’s cruel. The summer months are the most comfortable, the most fun, and the ones most often associated with vacation. If you’re big and/or tall, however, they’re also associated with one word in your mind: sweat.

It’s not always easy to go through summer feeling like you’re sweating twice as much as the next man, and that’s for good reason: no one wants the dark discoloration on their clothes, the unmistakeable sign of exertion. Even when you’re just sitting down and it’s a little too humid out. Fortunately, summer can be comfortable when you’re big and tall and you still have to dress the part of the professional. And we have just the tips for making that happen:

Keep All of Your Colors Bright

It might sound like Summer Clothes 101, but if you’re not following through with this tip, then you have no one to blame but yourself. It’s simple physics: lighter clothes are going to reflect more light off of you and help keep you cooler. That’s why it’s stylish to wear white during the summer—and less in vogue to wear white after Labor Day. These cultural norms tend to have their root in reality, and the reality is that if you wear a lot of dark navies and blacks, you’re going to feel hotter than you should.

When you shop here for Big & Tall items like these Cotton/Poly Pleated Dress Pants, look for the color options. Khaki is an obvious upgrade in terms of summer weather over navy.

It’s tempting to wear dark colors to hide sweat spots, but the truth is, it’s far better never to sweat too much in the first place.

Pay Attention to Your Fabrics

If you wear thick-woven wool during summer and break out in a sweat, you only have yourself to blame. After all, manufacturers put their fabrics right in the product descriptions you read online—and the labels you can check out in person.

Don’t know your fabrics all that well? Fair enough. Let’s browse through the ones you’ll encounter most often:

  • Cotton: The quintessential summer fabric, both light and cool. Often spun in a “Twill” weave, which is also great for summer.
  • Polyester: Surprisingly light and versatile, not to mention strong enough to handle repeated wear.
  • Wool: Often used for insulation and layering, but when woven thin enough can actually make clothes that are resistant to stink. See our Wool Tropical Plain Weave Pleated.
  • Linen: Highly durable and strong—hence why it’s often used for tablecloth. But it’s also light enough for summer, though it will tend to crease easily.

Once you know your fabrics and your colors, you’re free to start choosing trousers that will fit the criteria you need for maximum breathability and minimum sweat. After all, enjoying summer means being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. And, sometimes, when the situation calls for it, in your own pair of trousers.