Fashion Faux Pas: 3 Pant Styles to Avoid this Fall

If you’re new to fashion and style advice, it can be easy to lock your focus on a trend and ride it out all year long. Don’t! Seasons change, and with the dropping temperature this fall will come an entirely different set of rules than the ones you were playing all summer long.

Luckily, fall is one of the best seasons for fashion, particularly if you enjoy wearing a comfortable pair of pants. Just make sure that your fashion sense doesn’t drop with the temperatures before Christmas rolls around. Here are some tips to help.

  1. Sockless ankles

We know, we know—sockless ankles are all the rage right now. Yes, you should almost always don the sockless look in summer when you’re wearing shorts—it keeps you looking simple and clean. But these days, men enjoy making every outfit sockless. And there’s nothing wrong with holding on to that trend…at least, until it starts getting too dang cold to bear.

The good thing about avoiding this trend come fall is that it’s an easy fix: simply get yourself a warm pair of wool socks and put them on. If you’ve been rocking the sockless look all summer, you might want to pay attention to your color pairings, so remember this tip: don’t match your socks to your shoes. You can match your socks to your pants, your shirt, even your tie—as long as the socks pair well with something you’re wearing up top.

  1. Tucking your pants into your socks

Yes, we just told you to rock the warm socks this fall. Now we’re telling you not to highlight those socks? What’s going on?

Well, the truth is that tucking your pants into your socks is actually very hard to pull off—particularly if you’re not a soldier who needs to keep his pants free from mud on a ten-mile march. If you’re an outdoorsman, sure, it can be useful. But sartorially, tucking your pants into your socks makes the pants look shorter, since you can’t see the few inches above their hem. As a result, you look shorter, which is not how pants should make you look.

So skip on the pant-tucking this fall. You can stay plenty warm without it.

  1. Unnecessary Cuffing

Speaking of cuffing: rolling up the bottom of your pants can be a tremendous tool for getting your pants to stay in place without a tailor. But there are some people who will cuff their pants up to expose ankle or to expose socks, and if you ask us, that is not a flattering look.

Cuffing is meant to serve a utility, just as rolling up your sleeves might. Sure, you can cuff as a fashion statement, but until you really know your way around a wardrobe, you might want to stay away from it if it serves no practical purpose. If your pants are a little long, feel free to cuff them—if not, we say leave them and let the pants do their thing.