Put Your Own Spin on the Classic Trouser

Trousers. Pants. Slacks.

By any name, they’re perhaps one of the most important parts of your wardrobe. Not only are they essential for comfort and function as you live your daily life, but they’re one of the most important ingredients in your overall recipe for style and sophistication.

Here at Berle, we’re obviously obsessed with pants. But we think you should be to! We think that pants are more than just something to wear; they’re actually something to express yourself in, something to display your personality to the world, something to give you more pride. Because in pants, as in life, you’re either moving forward, or you’re moving backward.

But how can you put your own unique spin on trousers? It’s actually a lot easier than you might think. Just follow these simple tips:

Experiment with Colors

When guys hear “pants” and “colors,” they freak out. Only denim blue and khaki are acceptable to most guys. But you’re not most guys, are you? There are plenty of other colors you can wear without sacrificing your masculinity. Try olive green, for example, or a summer-friendly white. And there’s nothing more manly than a deep crimson red.

When you experiment with pant colors, you’re really experimenting with your whole wardrobe. Because once you try a new pant color, you have to think about the entire outfit. It’s a great way to start thinking about the way you dress and the way you look—you might say it all starts with the pants.

View Pants in Context

Pants aren’t meant to be viewed alone. They’re worn with belts, with shoes, with socks. Remember that your pants aren’t going to be the only thing you wear—unless you want to be denied service at a gas station! Pants are part of an ensemble you put together. And when you pull it off—hoo boy, do you look good.

Start with the pants and work from there. Which color belt works with which pants? Which shoes match the belt? Do the pants clash with your top, or do the two complement each other? Once you start asking yourself these kinds of questions, you’ve broken into an entirely new way of thinking about what you wear.

Go Short

Shorts are becoming more and more popular as a “formal” item these days. Not only do A-list celebrites wear tuxedo shorts on the red carpet, but in the summertime, shorts are perhaps the essential must-have item. So don’t be afraid to go short, even when the occasions are somewhat formal! You’ll not only be glad that you took the time and boldness to stand out from the crowd, but you’ll look smart doing it. Of course, there’s also the added benefit of shorts being extremely comfortable, but that’s a secret you can keep to yourself while everyone else sweats at that 4th of July barbecue. Hey, we can’t all be sartorial stars.