Best Khakis for Men

The best khakis for men will depend on the man wearing them. Some men will prefer something a little more casual and athletic, and some men need khakis that are ready for the office and for important meetings. Some men will need a pair of starter khakis to kick off their wardrobe and some men will need a finishing touch.

Fortunately, you’ve found a website that provides the best khaki pants for men around. We have a few suggestions that will fit any man's needs.  

Basic Khakis Flat Front: Casual, smart and versatile. These are the starter men’s khakis we were talking about before, ideal for anyone who wants a simple pair of khakis that will get by in just about any situation you can think of. These are the khakis to get when you don’t have money to spend on a second pair.





Charleston Khakis Charleston Brick Flat Front: Stylish, fashionable and fun. Our Charleston khakis evoke the wardrobe of the southern gentleman, which is to say they work just as well at mixers and high-profile events as they do for casual strolls into town. This color in particular will provide your wardrobe with a pop if you’re sick of the usual khakis and beiges.





Charleston Khakis Washed Khaki Pleated: Formal, professional and classic. Pleated often makes a better option for business meetings and formal events in which you’re going to do a lot of sitting; the pre-designed folds keep them from tightening too much and maintain a consistent silhouette.





Charleston Khakis Cotton/Tencel Pleated: Suit-ready, comfortable and relaxed. Here’s another pleated option that’s ready for the outdoors on warmer days. Great for outdoor weddings, outdoor get-togethers, and outdoor…well, anything, really.





Seersucker Flat Front: Modern, lightweight and attention grabbing. If you’ll permit us to stretch the definition of men’s khaki’s for a moment—these could simply be called seersucker trousers—a light pair of seersucker pants can pair with just about any top from blazers to button-downs to polos, which is why they deserve consideration for your wardrobe.




Polyester Wool Tropical Flat Front: Durable, comfortable and warm. Because they’re part wool, these pants have the strength to handle cooler temperatures without looking like a pair of snow pants—you’ll still be able to attend formal events and meetings without sacrificing comfort outdoors.





Performance Dress Khaki Flat Front: Athletic, strong and durable. If you tend to stay a little more active or simply want a pair of pants that can put up with a little more clumsiness than the other men’s khaki pants you see here, this performance style khaki is perfect for you—and it’s still attractive enough to wear with blazers, suits, and more.




If you want to see even more of the best men’s khaki pants around and find one that fits you like a glove, keep browsing our of our casual khaki pants.