Best Men's Casual Pants

What is the best pair of men’s casual pants you can possibly add to your wardrobe? What determines whether one pair of casual pants is better than the other? What is the best pair of casual pants for you and your situation?

If you’ve never done any serious shopping for men’s casual pants before, the answers to even the simplest of questions might seem a little murky. Fortunately, we’ve taken a few samples of our best men’s casual pants offerings and put them all here so you can see the differences: what it means to have flat front vs. pleated, what kind of colors work best when and where, and which option is best for your individual lifestyle.

8 Wale Luxury Corduroy Flat Front

        • Best for: Casual get-togethers, running errands, weekly activities. Especially best for cool weather.
        • Buy if you need… a casual, smart trouser option for cooler temperatures, especially if you lack proper pants for the autumn and winter seasons.

These corduroy flat front casual pants give off a signature “outdoorsy” look. The texture of corduroy is best for fall, winter, and early spring, but you really can wear it year round depending on the kind of climate in which you find yourself. The flat front is a little bit more laid-back than the pleated option, which means it’s great for occasions in which you’ll do a lot of walking and standing.


Basic Khakis Flat Front

        • Best for: Versatility, especially in lighter seasons if you go with the lighter colors.
        • Buy if you need… a sartorial “jack of all trades.” In other words, if you don’t have any smart casual pants in your wardrobe yet, this is the pair to buy.

You really can’t beat a solid pair of flat front khakis when it comes to laid-back-yet-sophisticated sartorial awareness. You can pair these khakis with just about anything above a T-shirt: button-ups, button-downs, polos, sweaters, cardigans, and more. Really, the only question with these Basic Khakis Flat Front is, where don’t they fit in? The answer: very few places indeed.


Cotton/Poly Dress Khaki Pleated

        • Best for: Pairing with a work suit, or wearing with a blazer for dressy occasions.
        • Buy if you need… “grown up clothes.” If you’re starting a new job that requires a business dress code, this is an important buy.

With the pleats, you’ll be able to get work done all day comfortably—the pre-formed wrinkles give you a little extra room for sitting without straining the material of the casual trousers themselves. And that says a lot about these dress khakis: they’re perfect for the boardroom, the conference room, and just about every room that will require you to be on top of your game.



Microfiber Performance Trouser Pleated

        • Best for: Professionalism in an outdoor setting.
        • Buy if you need… to look good even if your job sometimes takes you outdoors. The “performance” aspect of these pleated trousers keeps them durable to a more active work style.

The familiar pleated relax fit is here, but what you’ll find interesting is the water and stain resistance: perfect if you find yourself outdoors a lot or you simply need a “force field” to help battle your own clumsiness.



The truth is, just about any of these smart casual pants will work well for a number of situations: it’s up to you—and your wardrobe—to find the one that best suites your needs. Find your favorite look, and shop Berle's collections today.