Best Lightweight Khakis for Spring

Springtime weather means fluctuating temperatures and lots of sun in the afternoon and evening. When the sun shines down brightly, things can get a little hot, especially if you’re stuck wearing heavy work trousers.

Luckily, you can wear lightweight khakis in spring instead. The right lightweight khakis will fit perfectly in work environments, at after-work cocktail parties, and a variety of other social occasions. Plus, lightweight khakis are available both as full pants and as shorts.

Today, let’s take a look at the best lightweight khakis for spring.

Why Khaki?

Khakis are versatile, classic trousers that were first used in the military and among the working class. Today, khakis are perfect trousers for heading into the office, doing construction work outdoors, working in retail or IT, and even attending semi-formal occasions like certain parties.

Basically, every man should have at least a few pairs of khakis in his wardrobe. However, khakis are frequently associated with discomfort or a stiff look. The right lightweight khakis can feel comfortable and breathable in the hot springtime sun, and look great with other springtime apparel and accessories.

Khaki Pants vs. Shorts

As you shop around for lightweight khakis, be sure to consider whether you want to wear khaki pants or shorts. Khaki pants are a little more traditional and are more appropriate for work, although some workplaces allow you to wear khaki shorts in the spring and summer seasons.

Khaki shorts are still excellent for their class, business appropriateness, and durability. You can typically find khaki pants and shorts in many of the same colors, like beige, stone, gray, and more.

In either case, your khakis can be lightweight, provided they are made of the right material. Poplin is a great material to ensure lightweight comfort.

Top Lightweight Khakis from Berle

Now that you know why lightweight khakis are so great for springtime weather, let’s break down a few khakis you can purchase and wear during the upcoming months.

Men’s Poplin Pants

Berle has a great series of men’s poplin pants. These super lightweight khakis are made of material weighing just 5.6 ounces. As a result, they feel gentle, comfortable, and amazing no matter the weather. They’ll be great not only for spring but also for the summer months ahead.

As one of Berle’s best-selling collections between the months of March and September, these lightweight khaki poplin pants are available in pleated or flat front styles depending on your preferences. Either can be suitable for a workplace engagement or a social occasion.

Even better, every pair of lightweight khaki pants is fully tailored to your specifications. When you slip them on, you’ll find that they fit perfectly and allow maximum flexibility and movement comfort. Whether you choose a relaxed or classic fit, these men’s poplin pants are sure to be staples of your wardrobe once you give them a shot. Plus, they can go with lots of work or casual shirts since they come in three classic colors!

Charleston Khakis Pants

Alternatively, maybe you want some more traditional-looking khakis. In that case, Berle has a line of washed Poplin Charleston khakis in a variety of brown and stone colors. These khakis are made of 100% cotton with special enzymes to ensure a classical washed look.

These trousers are available in a relaxed fit, meaning they will fit straight on your thighs and hips. Plus, every pair of pants comes with deep on-seam side pockets and a watch pocket. These are top choices for looking great at work in the springtime or for wearing to a semi-formal social occasion, like a spring wedding.

Charleston Khakis Shorts

Last but not least are Berle’s Charleston khaki shorts. These shorts are made of lightweight material weighing just 6 ounces a unit. Each pair of shorts is made of 100% cotton, ensuring you avoid the issue where certain poplin trousers are made of a less comfortable fabric blend.

Like the poplin trousers above, these lightweight khaki shorts are available in both flat front and pleated varieties, plus traditional and relaxed fits depending on your preferences. Three classic colors are available for these enzyme-washed khaki shorts. They’re excellent choices to make sure you feel comfortable and cool even when strolling in bright spring or summer sunshine.

Find the Best Lightweight Khakis at Berle

Ultimately, Berle has all the best lightweight khaki pants and shorts for springtime weather. If you’re a guy who needs to bolster your springtime wardrobe, look no further than our poplin khakis. These tailored trousers are perfect for your needs!