Machine Washable Dress Pants – Perfect for Guys Like You

Every guy needs dress pants, but you don’t always have time to run to the dry cleaners. When you want to dress with class without compromising in terms of quality, you can choose machine washable dress pants from trouser experts like Berle.

There are several high-quality, lightweight machine washable dress pants perfect for the upcoming spring and summer months. Let’s take a look at the benefits of machine washable dress pants and explore some specific options in detail.

Lightweight and Perfect for Summertime Weather

For starters, machine washable dress pants can be lightweight and utterly perfect for summertime weather, provided they are made from the right material. You don’t want something like cotton for your high-quality dress pants.

However, you can select lightweight dress pants made of 100% worsted wool. These pants are durable, comfortable, and fit the part of quality trousers that will serve you well, whether you need to wear them to work or to a fun event like a wedding or after-work cocktail party.

Alternatively, you can find machine washable dress pants made of a polyester wool blend. These pants are even lighter than 100% worsted wool trousers, but they look and feel like wool pants nonetheless.

Convenience of Machine Washable Pants

Naturally, the benefit of machine washable dress pants is that they don't have to be dry cleaned to look brand-new! Machine washable dress pants can be thrown in a standard washing machine, then dried on a gentle cycle or through air drying.

This is a huge convenience. Remember, most quality dress pants for men have to be dry cleaned to get rid of stains, pet hair, and general dirt and debris that can be trapped in the trousers’ fibers over time. Machine washable dress pants allow you to get dressed on your schedule without having to worry about another errand after work or before an upcoming wedding.

Just be sure to read the machine wash instructions on the tag for your chosen dress pants. Most machine washable dress pants have specific washing and dry cycles you need to use to prevent them from being damaged.

Color Options and Style Selections

On top of that, our machine washable dress pants are available in lots of color options and style types. Classic and bright colors ranging from brown to navy to red to many other hues can be ideal when you need new dress pants for an upcoming social occasion, like a party or wedding reception.

You can also, of course, go with masculine staples like brown or black dress pants. These are great for combining with a suit jacket and dress shirt, especially if you need to dress for a semiformal event coming up in your future.

Be sure to consider whether you want your dress pants to be flat front or pleated. Both styles of trousers can work, but flat front pants are a little more casual. Pleated trousers are better for completing a semiformal look that leans toward the formal side of things.

Self-Sizer Waistband

Many of the best machine washable dress pants come with self-sizer waistbands. These are phenomenal additions to any custom-tailored dress trousers. Self-sizer waistbands provide you with even more comfort than normal and ensure that your trousers will feel snug without being too tight as you wear them all day or all night.

They’re great if you want to make sure your trousers fit you for a long time to come, as well. While it’s still a good idea to get your trousers tailored, a self-sizer waistband completes the pants and guarantees a great fit.

Try Berle’s Machine Washable Tropical Trousers Today!

At Berle, you can choose machine washable tropical or lightweight dress trousers. These are ideal for the spring and summer when the weather tends to be warm but you don’t want to compromise your fashion. The fabric for these trousers only weighs 7.75 ounces and is machine washable by default. Say goodbye to having to work your schedule around a visit to the dry cleaners.

In addition, Berle’s machine washable dress trousers are available in many suitable masculine colors like brown and gray. They also come in both flat front and pleated styles, plus a self-sizer waistband mentioned.  All in all, these trousers are perfect for guys on the go who want to look good and enjoy a little more convenience than normal.