The Best Men’s Shorts for Summer 2021

In our minds, shorts are an integral part of summer style. Even if you don’t plan on spending too much time outside, odds are you’ll want at least a few top-tier summer shorts to look your best. Below, we’ll explore the best men’s shorts for summer 2021! These options can help you create the perfect summertime look.

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Khaki Shorts

Charleston Washed Khaki Shorts

Charleston Pleated Khaki Shorts


Charleston Flat-Front Cotton-Linen Shorts

Summer is a great time for khaki shorts, which somehow manage to straddle the line between casual and semiformal quite well. Khakis go perfectly with polo shirts, V-neck t-shirts, and even overshirts, if you’re spending a day at the beach and the breeze is making you a little chilly.

For example, Berle’s Charleston Washed Khaki Shorts feature a flat front and combed cotton material for ultimate breathability and long-term use. These come in a wide range of sizes and colors, so you don’t have to stick with regular brown, if you don’t want to!

Berle’s Charleston Pleated Khaki Shorts are also a great selection. The double reverse pleat adds a little elegance to these khakis. It helps bring out a classic style that's perfect for the mature man or for pairing with one of your best polo shirts. Like the regular khaki shorts, these come in several different colors and a variety of sizes.

What if you’re interested in even cooler khakis that are perfect for hot, sunny days? The Charleston Flat-Front Cotton-Linen Shorts are perfect for you. They’re available in both light blue and gray colors and are designed with a 55% cotton and 45% linen mix that’s ideal for durability and breathability.

Bottom line, khakis are a great pick for summer shorts whether you’re heading to a backyard barbecue or a beachfront party with your friends and colleagues.

Herringbone Linen Shorts

Linen is one of the best materials for summer attire overall due to its breathability. Fortunately, you can keep your legs cool with Herringbone Linen Shorts from Berle, which are made with 100% linen and offer fully-tailored construction.

That’s right—you can get these shorts tailored perfectly for your body. As a result, they’re an ideal choice for classy occasions when you need both your shorts and shirt to fit like a second skin. You can select these in either ivory or slate gray colors.

Patch Madras Flat Front Navy Shorts

Some guys like their shorts to be a little flashier and more colorful rather than classic or neutral. If that’s the case for you, the Patch Madras collection of shorts from Berle might be just the ticket.

Take the Patch Madras Flat Front Navy Shorts, for instance. These authentic Patch Madras shorts are made with 100% cotton and are designed for a relaxed, comfortable fit. You can find more shorts just like this in a dazzling display of different colors and patterns.

All in all, the Patch Madras shorts collection is perfect for vintage-loving or hipster men who want to make a fashion statement and be comfortable at the same time. Add a hat, some shades, and some colorful socks and you’ll have an aesthetic that no one will soon forget.

Seersucker Pleated Regular Rise Shorts

Let’s not forget another great material for summer attire: seersucker. While you normally hear about seersucker in relation to jackets or trousers, Berle also offers high-quality, lightweight seersucker shorts.

Our Seersukcer Pleated Regular Rise shorts feature a double pleat and a relaxed fit. They’re made with 100% cotton in the distinctive seersucker style. With four different color and pattern combinations to select from, you’ll look old-fashioned and stylish once you pair these with the perfect shoes and shirt.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the best men’s shorts for summer 2021! Now that you know what’s in style, complete your look with high-quality shorts from Berle. Shop any of our exclusive shorts collections, and enjoy complimentary hemming and free shipping on every order. With more than 70 years in the manufacturing industry, our team has perfected the art of delivering the best pair of shorts available today. Your upgraded wardrobe awaits!

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