What to Wear to a Winery for Men

Are you heading to a winery with your wife or girlfriend? Perhaps you’re planning on enjoying some vino with your buds before another week at work. Whatever the case, you’ll want to look your best for this fun but not exactly casual excursion. Check out the tips below so you always know what to wear to a winery as a man.

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Focus on Aesthetic

If you've ever been to a winery before, you'll know that a big part of the experience is aesthetic. There's a special look common to all wineries regardless of location or the kinds of wine they make. Think class, formality, and casual elegance.

If you want to fit in during a winery trip, you’ll want to bring a wardrobe that really exemplifies these values. Don’t wear anything overly casual or formal—try to put together an outfit that strikes a balance between the two extremes.

What Specific Items Should I Wear?


Below, we’ll break down some specific wardrobe choices you can make the next time you go to a winery with your friends or family:

Shirt Selection

If you want to keep your look simple, wear a collared, button-down shirt. This style of top is classy without being too formal. A T-shirt might work depending on the aesthetic of the winery in question, but collared shirts are generally the way to go.

You can alternatively go for a V-neck T-shirt if you don't want to feel the burden of a collar all day. However, simpler is better regardless—it should go without saying that you should avoid graphic tees or shirts with loud prints.

Pants and Shorts

You have a lot of options when it comes to legwear. High-quality denim can be a great choice for a winery trip, particularly if you’ll be walking around outdoors.

However, you can also go with dress pants such as slacks or khakis. Linen trousers are another great option that looks great and allows you to stay comfortable and cool throughout the day.

Of course, if the weather permits, you can also wear shorts. You'll likely want to go with simple, well-fitted shorts in neutral colors like gray, black, or blue.

The key here is to wear tailored pants or shorts. Tailored legwear can do a lot for the sharpness of your look without making you feel like you're showing up to a formal reception.

Shoes and Accessories


Wine tasting isn't a time to go running around and kicking your feet up. It's better to have close-toed dress shoes if possible, although you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes you'd wear to a wedding, necessarily. Again, aim for something casual and classy at the same time.

Slip-on shoes can work depending on their overall aesthetic, or you can go with leather walking shoes for a little added class. Keep in mind that most winery tasting tours have you standing around for hours on end, so choose shoes that you'll be comfortable in.

As for other accessories, you can never go wrong with the masculine staple: a metallic or leather band watch. You might also consider wearing a hat, especially if the winery offers tours of the outdoor vineyards and other locations. Baseball caps are out, but fedoras or other full-brimmed hats are excellent ideas, especially if you tend to lean into a more hipster aesthetic. Sunglasses are also a lifesaver on a sunny day. 

Extra Tips for Comfort and Class

Keep these additional tips in mind to stay comfortable and classy at the winery:

  • Dress in layers for the best results, especially if you’re going to a winery in the spring or fall. Layers allow you to stay warm or cool depending on whether you’re indoors or outdoors.
  • Don’t wear white in the event that someone spills on you. Wine stains can be difficult or impossible to fully remove.
  • Don’t wear heavy cologne or other fragrances, which can interfere with both your own and your friends’ wine tasting experience.

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