Buying Men's Trousers: A Gift Guide

When you’re a young child, the last thing you want in the world is more clothes. When you’re an adult, there are few gifts more valuable. That’s why buying a pair of quality men’s trousers for someone can be one of the best ways to show your appreciation. But without a few words of warning, you may remain susceptible to the most common mistakes of buying trousers for someone else as a gift.

Mistake #1: Assuming One Size Fits All

The most common online buying mistake is the easiest to make: buying the wrong size. If you’re buying a pair of trousers or shorts for someone you’ve shopped for before, then there’s a good chance that you know what size to get.

But what if you need a couple of extra details to get that specific fit just right? Here are a few tips:

  • Go covert. Ask a significant other or a relative who would know the recipient’s size—and make sure they keep the question a secret.
  • Look up past purchases. Still have an old receipt or an online purchase history to which you can refer? Use it to its fullest and look up the old sizes.

Mistake #2: Buying the Wrong Type of Trousers

Buying trousers for someone who’s been in the workforce for 30 years is going to be different than buying them for someone who just graduated college. Rather than buying the trousers you think look best, take some time to consider what trousers your gift recipient will need to use.

Do they need tailored trousers for job interviews and business meetings, or have they been around the company long enough to have a closet full of them? Do they have so many dress pants that casual pants would make a nice change of pace?

In short, ask the right questions of yourself off the bat and you’ll get better answers. And always remember to think about their perspective first.

Mistake #3: Ignoring Their Style Preferences

When you shop online, you have a lot of options to sift through. So why not make full use of them by selecting something that you know your recipient will like? We all have our individual preferences, especially when it comes to clothing. While one recipient might like a bold color in a seersucker pant, another might prefer a more conservative and versatile khaki.

The key is to think about who you’re buying this pair of men’s trousers for and asking yourself what sorts of pants they tend towards. If you’ve never seen them wear pastels, why offer your own opinion and buy one? If they never wear it, it won’t be much of a gift.

The secret to tasteful gift-giving is to think about things from their perspective, which is a mistake that we saw in the previous section as well. Put in enough thought and effort, however, and you’ll be able to browse our dress and casual trousers to find the gift that will hit the exact right note.