Weekday Trousers You'll Actually Wear

We all have a pair of trousers we like better than the next. In fact, there’s probably a pair in your closet right now that you’ve worn at least 10 times more than the pair you least like. So what’s the secret to purchasing more weekday trousers like that? As it turns out, there’s more than one step.

Step #1: Find out what you like about the weekday trousers you currently wear.

There’s probably one pair of weekday trousers in your wardrobe that you wear all the time. And chances are, there are a few things about this pair that you can replicate in your next purchase. Even if your favorite pair of pants are the sweat pants you like to wear around the house, then you know that your top priority is comfort, and that’s something you can work with. Of course, we’re looking to find a pair of trousers that you can wear throughout the week and outdoors, which means we’ll have to try another type. But remember that you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite trousers’ qualities along the way.

Step #2: Find the most versatile trouser for your weekday style.

What do we mean by this? Simple. You’ll want to pick a pair of weekday trousers that you can wear with the other stuff you typically wear on the weekdays.

For instance:

  • If you spend a lot of time in meetings, Super 100s Gabardine are always office-appropriate and comfortable, matching the rest of a suit.
  • If you spend a lot of time outdoors, 8 Wale Luxury Corduroy gives a little added texture and warmth to accompany cold-weather clothes.
  • If your wardrobe tends towards business casual, Charleston Khakis might suit you better.

The trick is to look at the shirts and tops you usually wear during the weekday and find the trousers that will tend to match the dress level of those same pieces.

Step #3: Avoid the common mistakes.

Once you have those two steps completed, your only mission now is to avoid the common mistakes people make when buying new pairs of pants:

  • Not paying attention to fabric. If your favorite pairs of pants are made out of cotton, there’s a good chance you’re going to want 100% cotton in your next pair, too.
  • Forgetting all about size. Sizing is one of the primary reasons a pair of weekday trousers becomes your favorite: if it fits like a glove, then it’s going to feel natural wearing it. Taking the time to get the fit right before you purchase is important, which is why we offer self-sizer
  • Picking the wrong color. Unless you already own enough pairs of a color to justify it, try to stick with basic and versatile colors at first: khakis, whites, navies, blacks, etc.

Picking your next favorite pair of weekday trousers isn’t too hard if you put in the work upfront. After that, it’s nothing but comfortable living.