Choose Minimalist Colors for a Men’s Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are the perfect fashion solution for lots of men, particularly those who don’t like to dig through an extensive closet or through dozens of different items. But while your capsule wardrobe can ensure you look great every time you walk out the door, you need to make sure you pick the right colors for each item in your ensemble.

Let’s take a look at how to choose minimalist colors for a men’s capsule wardrobe now.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe, put simply, is a minimalist collection of garments and articles that can theoretically be swapped out and mixed and matched with each other quickly and easily. For instance, a standard male capsule wardrobe might include:

  • Two or three pairs of pants or slacks
  • Six or seven shirts
  • A collection of underwear and socks
  • A few classic, good-looking accessories, like watches and belts

That’s it! Armed with this capsule wardrobe, the man who owns all these things could theoretically wear any of the pairs of pants with any of the shirts and vice versa. Capsule wardrobes are popular among men because they are easy to use and quick to browse through.

But your capsule wardrobe will only really suit you well if you choose clothing in the right colors. Generally, your best bet is to stick with neutral, masculine shades.

Navy & Black Are Great Base Colors

Navy and black should be the core base colors of your wardrobe. That means they should be the colors of your:

  • Dress slacks and suit jackets
  • Dress shirts (in addition to white)

You can also use these colors for T-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, and even dark jeans. These are fantastic base colors because they go with many other shades. For example, you can wear black jeans or pants with dark shirts, like shirts, and everything in between.

Just make sure to choose your suit jacket and pants in the same color. 

If you go with a traditional gray or black jacket, for example, the Super 100’s Gabardine Dress Pants from Berle in black or gray will be the perfect pairings for that jacket.

Pick an Accent Color

You’ll still want your capsule wardrobe apparel to stand out to some extent, however. To that end, you should pick an accent color as well. The accent color can be something a little brighter and different, like red, blue, green, or even yellow. It all depends on what colors look good on you.

Your accent color should be secondarily present on your shirts and pants. Or you can make your accent color stand out on your accessories, like your shoes or belts.

Add Some Patterns and Layers

Patterns and layers can do a lot to make your capsule wardrobe look dynamic, fun, and engaging. For example, you can choose a striped shirt in navy and light blue. Or you can choose a gray button-down shirt with a blue undershirt to go with your dark jeans. Patterns and layers make your wardrobe more visually interesting and give you extra style options if you start to become bored after wearing each article a few times.

You can also always go with texture instead of direct patterns or layers. 

For  example, these Dress Denim pants from Berle will bring out a little more textural variety to your capsule wardrobe while keeping to the minimalist collar aesthetic you want to cultivate.

Finish Up with Shoes and Accessories

Your capsule wardrobe won’t be complete until you pick the right shoes and accessories. You should stick with minimalist colors for these articles as well, such as gray shoes, navy or black socks, and so on. White, of course, can also be present, particularly for socks and certain types of sneakers.

When it comes to belts and watches, go with neutral and minimalist colors like gray, brown, and navy. By sticking to this color scheme throughout your capsule wardrobe, all of your clothing articles and accessories will look like they go together and have been carefully chosen because of their shades. It’ll really round out your wardrobe and make it feel cohesive.


All in all, you can’t go wrong with classic and neutral masculine colors like navy and black. From there, you can feel free to customize and express your unique personality in your accent colors, layers, and favorite clothing patterns.

If you’re having trouble finding the right legwear in the perfect color for your capsule wardrobe, look no further. Berle’s extensive selection can help, so check it out today.