How to Style a Leather Jacket for Men

Leather jackets are always in style. But to maximize your aesthetic appeal, you must know how to style a leather jacket. It's not enough to slip one on and slouch out the door. You must pair your leather jacket with the right accessories and choose the right jacket for your height and personal style. Not sure where to start? Berle is here to help.

Go Biker Style

One great way to wear your leather jacket is to lean hard into the biker aesthetic. Bikers are huge fans of leather jackets, both for style points and because leather is an excellent protective material when riding a motorcycle. The biker style can be completed with a few other articles, like:

  • Durable jeans
  • Good boots for riding
  • A watch
  • A bandanna
  • Sweet shades

Combined, you'll look the picture part of a stylish biker. Don't forget your favorite T-shirt. If you're part of a biker squad, you can all get matching T-shirts while you cruise down America's freeways.

Opt for Old-School Cool with a Bomber Jacket and Jeans

Or you could lean into an older style by purchasing a bomber jacket, then pairing it with jeans. Bomber jackets came from fighter pilots and bombers in World War II, who wore them because of their comfort, style, and overall durability.

These days, you can get bomber jackets in various sizes and types. They all look great, but some of the best are made of quality leather and in dark colors.

Want to up your fashion game and wear jeans that are a little classier than your average denim pants? These tailored dress denim self-sizer pants from Berle could be just the ticket. Of course, they're still denim and pair well with a dark leather jacket. But they're also a bit more formal, helping you stride between social occasions and business environments easily and effortlessly.

Pair a Flight Jacket with a Turtleneck

Maybe you'll want to try something new, like a flight jacket. Initially made for pilots, flight jackets come with shearling linings that keep them nice and warm. As a result, they are perfect leather jacket picks for winter weather. Pair these with a turtleneck, gloves, and your winter boots. Not only will you look great, but you'll also keep yourself warm through even the chilliest winter storms.

Consider a Field Jacket and Tailored Trousers

Field jackets are a little longer than your average leather jacket. However, they were initially made for military operations, so they come with many pockets—convenient if you need to carry multiple small items. Thanks to their longer length, they're great for everyday excursions or school wardrobes.

For example, these Tic Weave Worsted Wool trousers could be perfect with a field jacket you plan to wear to class or a semi-formal occasion, like a nice dinner with your family that doesn't require a strict dress code. Well-tailored trousers will make your jacket look both cruel and effortless at the same time while also making your overall ensemble look more put together than it might be with more casual slacks.

Or, if you're looking to wear your field jacket in a (slightly) more professional work environment, these Charleston khakis could be a perfect partner. They're ideal for office jobs and work outdoors, so they should go well with a leather jacket, provided your coat doesn't breach your workplace dress code by itself!

Or Choose a Racer Jacket and Slacks

Then there are racer jackets, essentially sleek, tight leather jackets made for racecar drivers and fans of motorbikes. Racer jackets are minimalist yet have enough at the back to provide protection. They also usually have strong zippers at their fronts.

A zipper jacket paired with the proper slacks could look great, especially if you already have a tall, slim build. However, such a jacket doesn't have much detail, so pair it with a similar essential or minimalist watch and clean, simple shoes to round out the look for maximum effect.

Get the Look at Berle

As you can see, there are many ways to style a leather jacket for men successfully. But remember, your outfit must start with the perfect pair of trousers!

Here at Berle, making trousers is nothing new. As the oldest family-owned trouser manufacturer in the United States, we've been outfitting our customers for over 70 years. In that time, we feel we've perfected the art of making and delivering the best pair of trousers available today.

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