How to Style a Men's Button-Up

Button-ups are staples for every man's wardrobe. They're comfortable, ideal for many different occasions and environments, and can be combined with tons of other clothing and accessories to create a cohesive, great-looking outfit. But having a selection of great-looking button-up shirts in your wardrobe is one thing. It's another to know how to style them for every occasion. So today, let's look at how to style men's button-up shirts in detail.

Undershirt or No Shirt? Both Can Work

Should you wear an undershirt with your button-up shirt? That depends on the situation. If you wear an undershirt, ensure it is thin and light-colored so it doesn't bleed through your button-up shirt. You might also want to go with a tank top, which forgoes sleeves for extra breathability. This will protect your trunk from chafing without ruining the look of your button-up shirt. In either case, an undershirt is only necessary if you don a full suit. Otherwise, just a button-up should be fine.

To Tuck or Not to Tuck

You'll next want to consider whether you should tuck or not tuck your button-up shirt when styling your outfit. Most button-up shirts look best when tucked, especially when you pair your shirt with great-looking pants and nice shoes. But if your button-up shirt is more casual – like a short-sleeved aloha shirt from Hawaii that you wear on vacation – staying untucked is the way to go. It'll help you look loose, fun, and ready for adventure, plus maximize the breathability and comfort of your shirt.

Roll Up Your Sleeves in Most Cases

If your button-up shirt has long sleeves, remember this tip: roll your sleeves up. Not only does it show off your forearms, which will look good to the people you want to impress, but it also evokes professional, hard-working energy. That's never a bad thing to cultivate, whether you're wearing a button-up shirt to the office or a fun social gathering. For the best results, roll your sleeves to about the mid-forearm or just before your elbows.

Pair Your Button-Up with the Right Pants

Your button-up shirt will only look cohesive and integrated with the rest of your outfit if you pair it with the right pants, especially if you plan to tuck it in. Luckily, plenty of great trousers can pair with any button-up shirt in your closet.

For example, these Super 100s Gabardine pants from Berle are ideal for white, crisp, formal dress shirts that you might wear to a formal social occasion, like a wedding reception. Or they can be a good choice for more serious office meetings with your boss.

At the same time, comfortable corduroy pants exude luxury and class in equal measure. Wear these with a finely tailored button-up shirt, and you'll look right at home at a fancy dinner or a nice bar.

If you want to wear a button-up shirt to work, but it's a typical workday, consider pairing your shirt, belts, and shoes with Charleston dress khakis. These khakis look great and feel comfortable, allowing you to complete your work with style and substance all day.

Or you can pair a more casual button-up shirt with jeans, like these dress denim pants from Berle. But ultimately, the key thing to remember is to pair your button-up shirt with trousers that match the formality of the day.

Which Jacket Should You Wear?

Last but not least, consider wearing a jacket with your button-up shirt. The right jacket can tie your whole outfit together and make you look much more mature and masculine.

But what jacket should you choose? For example, a leather jacket might work for a fun and semi-casual social occasion, like a nice out with friends. Or, pair your button-up shirt with a suit jacket for nicer, more formal get-togethers, like weddings, promotion ceremonies, etc. The critical thing to remember is to pair your button-up shirt with the right jacket. Otherwise, your entire outfit will appear unbalanced.

Get the Look at Berle

As you can see, the sky's the limit regarding how to style a men’s button-up. But remember, your outfit must start with the perfect pair of trousers!

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