What Clothes Do Women Like Men to Wear?

When you get down to it, men wear clothes for three reasons: ourselves, our jobs, and for the attention of the fairer sex.

Unfortunately, far too many guys have no idea what clothes women actually like men to wear, nor do they understand how to dress to get female attention in the first place! It's not always as simple as wearing whatever you would put on to go to the office.

With that in mind, let's break down what clothes you should wear if you want to attract women and look your best at the same time with seven easy-to-remember rules.

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Rule No. 1 – Wear Fitted Clothes

For starters, always wear fitted or tailored clothes. It doesn’t matter how expensive your jacket or trousers are or whether they’re from a popular brand if they don’t fit.

To that end, make sure that your shirts, trousers, and suit jackets are well fitted and suit your proportions. There's a plus to following this rule; you'll look great no matter your body weight or body type if your clothes seem like they were crafted just for your proportions.

Rule No. 2 – A Good Suit Never Hurts

Next, don't discount the value of an excellent suit. You can wear a suit to cocktail parties, work engagements, weddings, and more. Every man should have at least one suit in navy, black, or gray.

Women love guys in uniform, and a suit is the closest thing civilian men get to one! Be sure to pair your suit jacket with pleated pants or similar trousers, like the Super 100 Gabardines from Berle.

Rule No. 3 – Tailored Trousers Make the Man

Most fashion brands talk endlessly about women’s pants and trousers, but women have an eye for men’s lower halves, too. So it’s no surprise that women love tailored trousers rather than baggy slacks or jeans (often called “Dad jeans”).

You can and should get any trousers, ranging from khakis to work slacks to jeans, tailored whenever possible. Retailers like Berle provide tailored trousers for a variety of needs.

This isn’t to say you can’t have jeans at all – some jeans, like Berle’s Dress Denims, are perfect choices that combine the classic style of jeans with a more modern, mature look.

Rule No. 4 – Accessorize for Success

Women like men that show a little personality in their wardrobes, even if our clothing choices aren’t quite as varied as women’s. To that end, don’t be afraid to spice things up with a few accessories, especially those that can demonstrate your sense of humor or career.

Some great examples include watches, particularly those that complement your skin tone, ties, and even belt buckles if you're going to a casual or semi-formal event. A humorous belt buckle can do a lot for drawing an initial smile from a lady friend!

Rule No. 5 – Get Shirts with Rollable Sleeves

Here’s a tip – women love to see men’s forearms. We have no idea what it is or why they’re so attractive, but it isn’t our job to speculate as to the core reason. Instead, we recommend purchasing (well-fitted) shirts that you can roll up to just in front of your elbow. This way, your forearms will be front and center and women won’t be able to look away.

Done correctly, your shirt will also emphasize your arms and chest: two areas that women love to look at.

Rule No. 6 – Stylish Footwear

Guys, listen – you can’t wear your gym sneakers everywhere, no matter how comfortable they are. Women like men to wear stylish footwear. They tend to judge your wardrobe heavily based on the type of footwear you choose. So make sure you pick footwear that looks great.

You have several options, including Oxfords, Italian moccasins, Monk Straps, and more. The key is to pick stylish, clean shoes that suit your feet and that look like you put more effort into your footwear than just sliding on whatever shoes were closest to the door.

Naturally, if you wear a suit, you need matching shoes that go well with your broader outfit.

Rule No. 7 – Don’t Forget Fragrance

Lastly, consider wearing a fragrance when you go out for a date night or to a cocktail party. Fragrances aren't clothes, but women are sensual creatures and can and will quickly detect a great scent if you put one on. Cologne is your secret weapon, and it can make the rest of your wardrobe seem irresistible.

As you can see, there's a lot that goes into dressing well for female attention. But with the above tips, you'll be well on your way toward wearing clothes that are sure to draw the eye of your workplace crush or an upcoming date. Good luck!

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