Back to School Fashion Tips for Guys

Summer is winding down and the first signs of fall are already here. For guys enrolled in college or trade school, that means it’s time to go back to class.

Sure, you’re at school to get a license, get a degree, or just expand your mind. But there’s no reason you can’t look excellent while strolling to class or taking notes. Let’s dive into a few back-to-school fashion tips for guys.

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Legwear Choices

Initially, you can wear shorts while the weather is still warm enough to permit. 1946 Vintage Shorts from Berle are a great option, as they are made of comfortable stretch twill and come in a variety of different colors. If you’re in a more festive mood or want to look more casual, consider Charlestone Khaki printed shorts to spice up the monotone classroom environment.


But while shorts are a good choice for the first few weeks of your new school semester, eventually you’ll have to swap over to full-length pants as it gets cooler. Fortunately, jeans and chinos are perfect choices for back-to-school fashion.

Whereas slacks might be a better choice for the office, jeans and chinos are comfortable, stylish, and can look great if they fit you well. Berle even offers dress denim pants for men who want to look a little more refined compared to their peers, or for older college students who teach a class or two!

No matter what you choose, pick jeans or chinos that are tailored and go well with your shirt. Jeans and chinos can be purchased in black, blue, white, or gray colors.

T-Shirts and Long-Sleeves

Speaking of shirts, you’ve got tons of options as a college-aged man. You can go more casual and stick with graphic T-shirts, or you can wear button-down shirts are collared shirts, particularly as the semester progresses.

Our advice? Go with comfortable and linen shirts at the beginning, then swap to

cotton or warmer shirts as winter approaches. No matter what, choose shirts that fit you well and that are available in masculine colors like dark red, dark blue, white, gray, and so on.

If you want to look more mature rather than less, opt for plain shirts or shirts with basic patterns instead of graphics. Or try to find shirts with single pockets – these can be stylish ways to balance the academic aesthetic with practicality, and you can fill the pocket with a pen.

Sneakers, Converse, and More for Footwear

Footwear is just as important as your shirts and pants. Luckily for you, back-to-school style lets you wear comfortable tennis shoes or sneakers.

Planning to walk around on campus for several hours each day? Go for comfortable sneakers that conform to your feet and look stylish at the same time. You can also go with classic shoes like Converse or Vans, especially if they look well-loved.

During rainy or snowy weather, choose some stylish boots like Timberlands in colors like brown or gray. Such boots look fantastic with a pair of weathered jeans.

Use Layers as the Weather Shifts

The weather will eventually become cooler as the semester goes on. You can look stylish and keep yourself warm by using layers instead of wearing thick or padded jackets.

A good idea is to wear a T-shirt and a flannel or over shirt on top. If it’s even colder, add a jacket for three layers in total. Not only does this look great, but it also allows you to control your body temperature. You can wear all three layers when outside, then strip down to your second or first layer once you head indoors for class.


College classes are a great place to show off accessories or wear things you might not be allowed to at a modern workplace, like certain types of watches, necklaces, earrings, and more. A good watch is never a bad idea, and it can draw attention to your forearms (always a favorite with the ladies).

You can also accentuate your style with rings, bracelets, and more. In many ways, your accessories allow you to personalize your style more than your primary wardrobe apparel.

Wrap Up

School is starting again, but you’ve got lots of ways to look your best while jotting down notes or finishing homework assignments. Who knows? You might even meet a special someone while in class – lots of people meet their soulmates in college. You’ll have an easier time doing that if you look great while sitting next to your classmates.

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Ultimately, these back-to-school fashion tips for guys is what your wardrobe needs! From casual shorts for walking around campus to fitted pants that will look great while giving a presentation- Berle’s got you covered.

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