How To Find Your Fashion Style for Men

In 2020, men have more style options than ever before. Yet, we find that many men feel overwhelmed when trying to determine what they should wear. If you’ve fallen into a fashion rut, read on for three practical steps on how to find your fashion style. Or, if you’d like to start upgrading your wardrobe, browse our stylish collection of tailored trousers from Berle! 

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Start With Your Closet

The first step to finding your style is simple— be yourself. Take a look in your current closet, and start by sorting your wardrobe by color and function (for example, shirts vs. pants). After you organize your closet, you may notice a few pieces that you wear more often than others. Most likely, you will find a pattern. Is there a particular color you wear most? Perhaps there is a type of shirt or pants that you wear more often, like a Polo or khakis. This information serves as the foundation for finding your style. After all, the pieces we wear most often are likely the clothes that make us feel our best. Use what you learn to help you add similar clothes to your new wardrobe.

Determine Your Message

After sorting through your wardrobe, carefully consider the message you want to send with your clothing. We recommend choosing three words that showcase how you want to feel when you get dressed. For example, if you spend most of your time in a professional business setting, you may choose words like tailored, classic, and polished. On the other hand, if your environment is more urban and casual, you may pick words like edgy, comfortable, or trend-driven. 

The three words you choose will help you start building a new wardrobe. When you try on a new piece of clothing, refer back to your list. If the clothes don’t fit the description of how you want to feel, then leave them behind. However, if the clothes convey the message you want to send, then you know it’s a keeper! By sticking to your message, you can create a more cohesive look.

Find Your Style Icon

After you decide on your message, it’s time to find your fashion inspiration. Use your three keywords to define your style. For example, your words may translate to classic men’s fashion, street fashion, or even preppy style. From here, we recommend finding a style icon who embodies your preferred look. 

Remember, there is endless inspiration available on social media platforms like Instagram or Youtube. Once you find a fashion role model, you may learn a few new ways to style clothing that you already own! A fashion role model can also help you practice mindful shopping, as you’ll become more aware of which clothing items and accessories belong in your new wardrobe.

Upgrade Your Look with Berle Tailored Trousers

Now that you know how to find your fashion style, it’s time to put your best look forward. As a final fashion tip, remember that your dresser drawer always begins with the pants you keep! With more than 70 years in the manufacturing industry, our team at Berle has perfected the art of delivering the best pair of trousers available today. Take advantage of complimentary hemming on all shorts and pants every time you shop. Your upgraded wardrobe awaits! Shop today. 

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