How To Dress Business Professional

You’ve just landed a job interview, and you couldn’t be more excited. Then, somewhere in the confirmation email, you read this: “Please wear business professional.” Great. They’ve told you how to dress and that helps clarify the expectations. Except—what exactly is business professional, and do you have the clothes in your wardrobe to pull it off? Don’t worry. Here’s a quick guide on how to dress business professional.

Tips To Nail The Look

“Business professional” means that there’s no casual Friday going on here. You’re going to have to look your best. That typically means the following:

  • A matching suit. You’ll need to wear a pair of dress pants and a suit jacket that go together. Try to avoid the khaki pants with the navy blazer for this look.
  • A button-up dress shirt and a tie. Button-down dress shirts include a button for the collar, which is a little more “business casual.”
  • A belt and dress shoes. Be sure to match your belt and shoes to the color of your suit!

Business professional is the dress code for the highest standard in business—the kind of clothes you might wear in a meeting with the CEO. If you look around your own closet, you may find that you don’t have the clothes to pull this off right away.

Find The Right Pants

High quality men’s dress pants and trousers are our specialty at Berle. But how do you know which pants are best to dress business professional? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Match your suit jacket and trouser colors. There may be some exceptions, but to be on the safe side for occasions like job interviews, you’ll want a consistent suit color, which means matching the pants to the jacket.
  • Go for a clean look. Business professional is all about a clean, straightforward presentation—you’re showing your respect for the businesspeople across the table by dressing your best. That means going for a clean look. For example, our Stretch Tropical Weight Wool pants, fitted to your specifications, will pair nicely with a wide variety of suit jackets of similar colors.
  • Get the right fit. Excessively baggy or noticeably tight pants will throw off the balance of a business professional suit. You don’t want to go too far in either direction. A pair of pants should be snug and fit even without the belt, though you’ll still generally want to keep a belt handy to help pull a suit outfit together. When you order trousers from Berle, you can enter your exact measurements—and we even offer complimentary hemming so you can ensure the perfect fit.

Shop Berle Today

If you know what “business professional” means, you don’t have to buy the full suit—you just have to know what to look for. There are plenty of business professional options in our tailored trousers section right here at Berle.