How Many Watches Should a Man Own?

Men’s fashion isn't known for its plethora of jewelry options, but watches can be an excellent way to express your style. This brings us to the question: How many watches should a man own? The answer is that it depends on what your day-to-day routine looks like. However, there are a few quintessential watches that every man should own. Here are four great styles to add to your collection.

#1 The Field Watch

First up is the field watch. As its name suggests, this is a watch that you would be comfortable wearing into the field, to a worksite, or in the garage to do some tinkering on your car. Field watches look good, but their primary purpose is durability. Therefore, the best field watches aren’t overly expensive, as you can expect these timepieces to get dents or scratches from time to time.

Try to find a field watch with a durable metal or leather band, as these bands will be able to stand up to wear and tear more capably than more fragile materials. The best field watches will also have a relatively small face diameter, typically between 36 and 42 mm. You should also look for glass made of sapphire or coated with sapphire for scratch resistance. Lastly, consider looking for a field watch that is water-resistant down to 100 m. That way, if your timepiece gets a little wet while you are on an adventure, it won't stop working.

#2 The Dress Watch

Every man needs a high-quality dress watch for occasions like weddings and upscale social events. Dress watches pair perfectly with your best suits and other formal menswear. Therefore, you’ll want a dress watch that includes a thin case that doesn’t rise too far off your wrist—to prevent your wrist from looking bulky.

The best dress watches also come with stainless steel or precious metal cases for added value and aesthetic appeal. The diameter of a dress watch is usually between 34 and 40 mm at max. Furthermore, modern dress watch styles are typically simple; it’s more common to have a very simple dial and face without numerals, instead opting for basic dashes or lines. As far as bands go, you can pick up a dress watch with a leather band or a metal link band depending on your preferences.

#3 The Dive Watch

The dive watch is one of the most popular styles of watches for men. These rugged and versatile watches are perfect for adventurous outdoor excursions. Dive watches can, as their name suggests, oftentimes be used underwater and outdoors in inclement weather. They feature stainless steel or titanium cases with large diameters ranging from 40 to 46 mm.

Furthermore, many of the best dive watches come with sapphire or sapphire-coated glass for double-duty scratch resistance. You may wish to locate a dive watch that comes with glare-proof glass as well so you can read the face more easily in the bright daylight. Some watches come with strong luminescent qualities so you can read them in the dark. Remember, don’t choose a dive watch with a fragile band. Instead, choose one made of nylon, silicone, or stainless steel links.

#4 The Chronograph

Last but not least is the chronograph—also called the aviator watch or racing watch. Chronographs are multifaceted, stylish timepieces oftentimes made with titanium, stainless steel, or PVD-coated cases. More importantly, they feature chronograph movement with several sub-dials or smaller watch faces embedded into the primary watch face. For instance, a chronograph might let you use it as a stopwatch, leveraging one of the sub-dials on the watch face as a timer. Another chronograph might have a secondary dial to track the day of the month, and so on.

Chronographs are accessories that allow you to express your personality and showcase your love of complex mechanical gadgetry. These are the least necessary of all the major watches you should own, but odds are you’ll want one eventually.

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