What to Wear with Brown Pants: The Men's Style Guide

If there’s one tip for great style, then it’s this: Pants can make or break your outfit. So if you’re still wearing your standard jeans and khakis, maybe it’s time to elevate your look with some pants that have a personality of their own. Cue: Brown pants. There’s only one problem: What do you wear with them?

Dark Brown vs. Light Brown Pants

Pairing brown pants with other clothing means first determining whether your pants are “dark” or “light.” In general, the darker the trousers, the more formal. Thus, dressier shirts will pair better with darker brown pants. Dark brown pants are noticeably darker than most other articles in your ensemble or wardrobe. Think dark chocolate brown vs. khaki’s traditional light brown/tan shade.

As mentioned, dark brown pants are perfect for more formal/professional attire like work. Light brown pants, on the other hand, work well for more casual events. As far as combinations go, you have many options, so feel free to get creative with the suggestions and recommendations below. The best thing about brown pants is that you can wear them with practically any color shirt.

Dark Brown Pants

For starters, you can pair your dark brown pants with plenty of light-colored shirts. Think light blue and softer colors like ivory. Choosing contrasting hues for your pants and shirt is the perfect way to create a harmonious look. Generally, avoid pairing dark brown pants with loud, bright colors. For example, keep dark brown pants away from vibrant colors like neon green or electric blue. Instead, opt for light olive green or light rose for a perfectly balanced look.

You can also pair your dark brown pants with black or gray shirts. Black and gray shirts complement the inherent darkness of brown pants perfectly, enabling you to put together a darker look that suits more formal occasions.

Light Brown Pants

While dark brown trousers usually pair well with light shirts, the reverse is true for light brown pants. When styling light brown pants, consider selecting dark shirts in shades like charcoal gray, navy blue, and forest green. These colors work harmoniously and contrast enough so that you look sharp and well put together.

You can also go with the reverse philosophy and wear white T-shirts with light brown pants. White T-shirts, especially when combined with traditional trousers like khaki pants, will help create a classic outfit perfect for work or doing backyard chores on a bright summer day. White T-shirts, keep in mind, should only be worn with themselves or with a dark jacket. The aesthetic appeal of the white T-shirt lies in its simplicity and classical nature, so don’t try to overcomplicate things with a white T-shirt with a graphic.

Choosing the Perfect Shoes

Shoes are another part of your ensemble that can make or break your look. After putting all the effort into finding the right shirt, you probably want to get this part right, too.

You can pair your light brown pants with neutral or brown shoes. Neutral or brown shoes will complement the shades of your trousers and help tie your outfit together, especially if you opt for a light-colored or white shirt. For dark brown pants, black shoes are an excellent choice.

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