How To Measure Inseam For Men's Pants

The inseam on your pants can be one of the most important measurements you take for the style and comfort of any pair of trousers. Failure to properly line up the inseam with your legs will mean something is “off” about your outfit—even if people can’t put their finger on it. On the other hand, it can be a challenge to understand the inseam and why it’s so important for giving your outfit a balanced silhouette. Here’s how to measure the inseam for men’s pants the easy way.

What Is An Inseam?

First, you’ll need to know exactly what an inseam is! The inseam refers to the distance from the bottom of the crotch stitching—directly between your legs—down to the bottom of the pant. This is essentially the inside length of the leg of your pant.

Inseam Measurement Tips

You’ll get an accurate measurement of your inseam if you consult with a tailor and have them write down all your measurements for you. But if you don’t have the time or inclination to do this, it’s also possible to measure your own inseam.

There are a couple of methods you could try at home:

  • Using a ruler or a notebook—something that you can place between your legs at the top of the inseam, you’ll mark where the top of the inseam starts. You’ll also note where you want the pants to stop on your leg, which is what the ideal length of your inseam will be. Measure that space on the wall (in pencil!).
  • Find your best-fitting pair of pants—those pants that aren’t so long that they get scuffed up on the ground, and use tape measure to directly measure their inseam. This does require that you already have a properly-fitting pair of pants.

If you don’t yet have a great fitting pair of pants to understand your correct measurement, you can always measure the inseam on any other pair of pants you own. You can then estimate the adjustment in length you’ll need for the right pair of trousers. For example, was the old pair too short? Too long? Adjust by an inch or two as necessary.

Why Measure The Inseam?

You’d be surprised how one simple measurement can completely change your look, your style, and the way your trousers feel when you’re out and about.

The inseam will determine the length of the leg. With a proper inseam length, you’ll avoid looking too short or too tall for your pants. The goal here is to give your pants the length they need to naturally fall against the top of your shoe when you stand up straight. If you were to enter your correct measurements when purchasing a pair of pants like our Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated Pants, for instance, the pants wouldn’t show any socks when you were standing up, but also wouldn’t come close to touching the floor.

Try Berle Tailored Trousers

With your inseam number in hand, you’re now ready to find the perfect pair of pants. When ordering Tailored Trousers here at Berle, you can input your exact measurements online to ensure you get the best fit every time. You can even add on custom finishing options like hemming, cuffing, pleating and more! Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders!

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