What Do Men Wear To The Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is famous for being the hallmark exhibition in the world of horse racing. But that’s not all it’s famous for. It’s also an exhibition of fashion and style for both men and women. There are few crowds in America that look quite like what you’ll see at the Kentucky Derby. If this is your first time attending the Kentucky Derby, it can be intimidating—you don’t want to underdress for the occasion, but you don’t want to look out of place, either. So, what do men wear to the Kentucky Derby? Here’s what you need to know.

What to Expect

You’re not going to wear just any old thing to the Kentucky Derby. The event is known just as much for its fashion now as it is for the races. And the interesting thing here is that the men tend to look every bit as colorful and dressed up as the women do.

Here are some things you might notice about what men wear to the Kentucky Derby:

  • Dressing up. It starts with the foundation of dressing in your “Sunday best.” That usually means a jacket and tie, although the definition of “suit” gets stretched during the Kentucky Derby. Bow ties are very common, as well.
  • Plenty of colors. The Kentucky Derby takes place in the spring every year, which is what helps inform the fashion: spring pastels and bold, summer colors are the hallmarks of the Derby. It’s a time to get out and enjoy the sun—if the weather’s cooperating—and for the colors in the crowd to parallel the bold colors worn by the horses and their jockeys.
  • Hats. We can argue for hours on end about the prominence of hats in modern men’s fashion, but there’s one place where hats are commonplace and even expected: the Kentucky Derby.

With that in mind, what should you wear to fit in when you attend an event like the Kentucky Derby? Here are a few suggestions.

What to Wear at the Kentucky Derby








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You don’t have to be a style icon to pull off a great Kentucky Derby look. Just know the expectations, browse the collections at Berle, and pick out the colors that seems best for you!