How to Style a Jean Jacket for Men

Fashion trends come and go, but classics are forever—and that’s precisely the case regarding denim. Of course, jean jackets will always be in style, but it’s one thing to toss a jean jacket on whenever and another to wear it smartly and stylishly. If you’re ready to nail the look, here’s your guide on styling a jean jacket for men.

Wear the Jacket with Chinos

For an effortless and classic ensemble, wear your jean jacket with chinos. Chinos are classic workplace trousers usually available in shades like brown, green, blue, and gray. They’re ideal for office workplaces where you don’t have to wear a suit. Plus, you can wear chinos out and about with your friends. Your jean jacket will go perfectly with these slacks and white leather sneakers.

If you can’t find the perfect chinos, consider combining your denim jacket with khakis. These Charleston Khakis from Berle are ideal for evoking the same aesthetic as chinos.

Pair the Jacket with a Classic White Tee

Alternatively, consider pairing your jean jacket with a classic white T-shirt. This combination evokes an all-American look perfect for working outdoors, heading into town to run errands, or going on a casual date with your significant other. Brown boots, plus a simple watch and belt, will round out the aesthetic—especially if you use pomade in your hair for a slicked-back look.

Choose appropriate legwear to round out your denim jacket, white T-shirt, sneakers, or work shoes, like these Washed Charleston Khakis. Altogether, you’ll sport an ensemble suitable for practically any outdoor casual get-together or meetup.

Jackets and Joggers

Jean jackets go pretty well with joggers. Joggers are essentially comfortable, somewhat loose sweatpants. Thus, they’re sporty and casual. But if you wear your jean jacket with your joggers, you’ll suddenly look less like you are about to go on a run and more like you are ready to hang out around the town with your friends or enjoy a lazy Sunday. Therefore, you’ll want to style your jean jacket with sneakers or other casual shoes, so the entire outfit feels unified.

Try Black or Indigo Jeans for a Serious Look

If you want to wear your jean jacket to a slightly more semi-formal event, like a meetup with your grandparents, style your jean jacket with black or indigo jeans. These jeans elevate your style just a bit compared to traditional blue jeans without requiring you to pivot entirely to slacks and a dress shirt.

While black jeans might be the easiest choice, indigo jeans can also evoke a more serious aesthetic while giving your outfit a bit more style and creativity. For example, take these indigo Denim Dress Pants from Berle. They’re stylish, relaxed, and perfect for combining with a denim jacket if you want to lean into the “denim on denim” look without seeming silly or too old school.

Pair your black or indigo jeans with brown dress shoes, a good leather watch, and a thin belt to make the most of this look.

Go Smart with a Button-Down Shirt and Tie

If your jean jacket is a bit faded or in a dark blue color, you can wear it on top of a button-down shirt and tie. It’s a great way to look like a stylish collegegoer, especially when you round out this look with tailored slacks (pressed, of course), oxfords, and cool shades.

Don’t Forget Hoodies

Last but not least, you can always wear your jean jacket with hoodies. For the best style effect, wear your jean jacket above your hoodie instead of the reverse. Pair all these articles with your choice of joggers or classic blue jeans—for example, a pair of blue jeans, a blue jean jacket, and a white or gray hoodie underneath.

Get the Look at Berle

All in all, the way you choose to style a jean jacket says a lot about your personality and aesthetic preferences. You can go casual, such as by combining your jacket with a hoodie and joggers, or you can go more smart-casual with chinos and leather sneakers. In any case, Berle has the perfect dress jeans and khakis for your needs.

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