How to Style Men’s Loafers

Loafers have enjoyed tremendous popularity in the men’s fashion world over the past few decades. So whether you are dressing for a formal occasion or want something comfortable and stylish to wear every day, loafers can be a great option!

But what is the best way to style men’s loafers? Read on to learn some tips (and inspiration) for how to wear loafers like a pro. Soon, you’ll be looking as dapper as ever!

Get Inspired with These Expert Tips

Indeed, loafers go well with many styles and clothing types. But how do you ensure your outfit looks like you know what you’re doing? Here are some tips on styling men’s loafers so you’re sure to look like a fashion pro!

Pair Loafers and Jeans Together

Pairing loafers and pants is typically pulled off with khakis or chinos, but few people realize that loafers look great with jeans, too! For a fun and casual look, try wearing a pair of Berle’s Dress Denim Self-Sizer Flat Front Regular Rise with a pair of brown penny loafers. This can give you the perfect blend of style and comfort for an everyday look.

Try Wearing Loafers and a Blazer

Some loafers, like a classic penny loafer or tassel loafer, can really dress up an outfit. But achieving the ultimate in style requires a bit of thought. If you often sport blazers in your everyday attire, pair them with loafers for a sleek, put-together look.

You might pair some leather slip-on loafers with your favorite navy blazer. This gives off a casual yet classy vibe you can wear for going out or just a day at the office.

Pair Up Loafers and Chinos

Another great way to style men’s loafers is by pairing them with chinos. The combination of smart yet comfortable attire can make you look like you stepped out of a fashion magazine! Chinos have long been a popular choice for men’s smart-casual apparel, and they look great when paired with loafers.

For an example of how to put this together, try wearing a pair of chinos in olive or navy (or any other color you prefer) along with brown tassel loafers. This combination can make you stand out in a crowd!

Rock Out with Loafers and Suits

You might be called upon to wear a suit on special occasions or for your career. But why not make it stand out even more by pairing it up with some loafers? A great example of this look is wearing some Oxford leather loafers and your favorite grey or navy suit. The effect is one of sophistication and style that enhances an already slick aesthetic.

Go Bold with Loafers and Shorts

Looking for a way to stay cool during the hot summer months? Try styling some loafers with shorts! Slip-on or boat shoes look great when paired with casual shorts and can make for a great summer look.

Most men wear loafers for comfort. So if you want to maintain your comfort level, Berle’s Heathered Micro/Poly Self-Sizer Pleated Regular Rise shorts. Their relaxed fit tailoring will keep you comfortable while giving off a stylish vibe.

For a more daring option, pair some bright red loafers with Berle’s Performance Khaki Pleated Regular Rise white shorts. This combination will make heads turn and give you the attention you deserve!

Make an Entrance with Loafers and Tuxedos

Finally, when it comes to special occasions like weddings or award ceremonies, a tuxedo is often the go-to choice, and rightfully so.

But why not take it up a notch by pairing your tuxedo with some sleek black loafers? This look encapsulates sophistication and elegance, ensuring that you make a statement on your special day.

For an example of how to put this together, try wearing black patent leather or velvet loafers with a classic black tuxedo. It’s a bold way to show you know a thing or two about fashion—all while still keeping it formal.

Upgrade Your Style with Berle

With these tips in mind, you can confidently style men’s loafers for any occasion. So why not give it a try? You can look fabulous wherever you go with the right combination of style and comfort. For more fashion tips, check out our blogs for the latest trends and advice! There, you’ll find the Best of Berle—a collection of expert guides that keep you in the know on all things fashion.