How to Wear White Pants in Style

When you think of stylish trousers or slacks, odds are you think of jeans, gray pants, or similar choices. For most guys, white pants are simply out of the question. But they don’t have to be.

You read that right – it’s totally possible to wear white pants in style (assuming you know not to eat spaghetti or anything with marinara sauce while wearing them!). We’re going to break down some ways in which you can wear white pants stylishly, no matter the occasion.

Shirts and Jackets

White pants pair surprisingly well with a variety of T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, and jackets. The secret? They need to be fitted, of course, but your shirt or jacket also needs to be any color but white.

Denim on denim is stylish in a sort of ironic or hipster way, but white on white will just make you look like an Oompa Loompa. Don’t do it. If you want to wear white jeans or slacks, avoid white T-shirts or a white jacket.

In fact, try to avoid paler color tops, including cream, peach, and so on. We’ll talk more about the types of colors you should wear below.

White twill pants like Berle’s Classic Vintage Twill Slacks are a great choice for a business environment, particularly when paired with a blue suit jacket or blazer. If you're going to a semi-formal but recreational event like a wedding or party, Berle’s Stretch White Plaid Trousers are another good choice, combining comfort and class at the same time.

Shoes to Wear with White Pants

Naturally, the shoes you wear will also impact the broader success of your entire ensemble. In our eyes, the best shoes to wear with white pants include:

  • Black derbies if you’re a fan of color contrast
  • Brown loafers, which are versatile and inoffensive
  • Navy blue leather sneakers, which can be great if you are a more athletic or exercise-focused man
  • Brown Monk straps shoes

Note that you can wear Converse or more casual sneakers with white in them, though never when paired with white denim jeans (which are rarer than their navy counterparts). You’ll also need fancier shoes if you want to wear Berle’s Performance Dress Khakis to a business meeting, for example.

This leads us to the next major part: color.

What Colors Should You Wear?

When it comes to white trousers, the key thing to keep in mind is this: contrast. Since you don’t want to wear white with white, you need to wear some kind of color that distinguishes your white trousers and makes your silhouette pop.

The easy answer is black… right? Wrong.

Instead, it may be much wiser to choose a bright color like green, red, pink, or even blue. These colors can contrast brilliantly with your white pants depending on their intensity or vibrancy, plus give you more character than if you just wore a black shirt with white pants.

Plus, black-and-white simply don't go well together when you're talking white trousers and black tops… with a few exceptions. Black V-neck T-shirts can work, though they work better for men with dark hair and eyes.

In our opinion, colored shirts, shoes, etc. are the best things to pair with white pants. Pick the right color to go with your skin tone and hair color and you’ll look fantastic, particularly on a sunny day.

What About White Pants and Suits?

White pants can and do work with a variety of suit jackets, especially if you are going to a wedding and aren’t in the groom’s party (or the groom!). For example, blue jackets pair well with white trousers, as do more iconoclastic or “loud” jacket colors like red or pink.

The warmer your skin tone, the warmer the color of your suit jacket. If you have a cooler skin tone, stick with blue if possible and try to avoid gray or black jackets. Again, this creates too much of the intense contrast that can throw your outfit’s style off rather than enhancing it.

Wrap Up

White pants can work for guys if they plan out the rest of their outfits accordingly. Plus, wearing white trousers can be a great way to help you stand out from the crowd and make yourself really pop among the other men at your event.

Once again, just be careful not to spill any sauce on your pants and check out Berle’s collection of white tailored trousers and pants for all the options you’ll ever need!