Men’s Outfit Ideas for a Night Out

The stereotype is that women are the ones who spend lots of time getting ready for a night out, but that’s not always the case. In fact, plenty of guys are interested in learning the best men’s outfit ideas for a night out, either to attract attention from the ladies or simply to look as good as they can as a point of personal pride. No matter your reasons, it’s great that you want to look your best when you go out for a night of fun. If you don’t know where to start, you’re in luck—we’ll break down some choice outfit ideas for any kind of night out.

Dress for the Occasion

The key thing to keep in mind no matter what is that you should dress for the occasion. Different nights out call for different levels of formality, different accessories or looks, or even completely different styles. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same thing to a nighttime wedding as you would to a casual date at the bar, right?

With that in mind, remember that there are three different levels of formality to consider: casual, semi-formal, and formal. Casual clothes for outfit looks are best when you don't need to impress your superiors, don't need to show respect to others, or don't need to adhere to a particular dress code. Formal dress codes call for a specific outfit and rigid standards of male attire. Semi-formal nights blur the line between the two extremes, so you might incorporate outfit elements from both.

Now that you’ve got a broad idea about how to dress for a night out, let’s break down some specific scenarios and recommended outfit ideas.

A Date Night

A date night is usually a pretty casual affair, unless you invite the girl to a formal event or party. For casual day nights, you can keep it easy and wear comfortable, though well fitted, clothing that showcases your personality and seems sexy.

  • Shirt/Jacket: A fitted, dark-colored shirt and a jacket if it's a bit cool out. Your shirt, if it's long sleeved, should have its sleeves rolled up when you are indoors.
  • Pants: Fitted denim jeans and/or tailored dress pants. Jeans are best if your date takes place at the movies or a normal restaurant.
  • Shoes: Converse or other sneakers are a solid choice.
  • Accessories: Wear a watch and don’t forget some cologne!

A Family Dinner

Family dinners are only a little more formal than a casual day night or a fun time with your friends. Wear fitted clothes and a decent jacket, and leave the T-shirt with the provocative staying at home in favor of a more conservative style.

  • Shirt/Jacket: A fitted, dark-colored shirt. Add a jacket depending on the weather. Graphic tees are a no-go.
  • Pants: Wear fitted denim jeans like Berle’s Dress Denims, especially if you're around family members you're close to.
  • Shoes: As before, sneakers for Converse are great options.
  • Accessories: A watch or other favorite accessories can fit here, assuming your family knows and accepts your personal style.

Guy Time at the Bar

Hanging out with your friends at the bar is probably the most casual night out you can have. In that case, wear whatever you like, but be sure that you fit with your surroundings in case you get lucky.

  • Shirt/Jacket: A T-shirt of your choice, even a graphic tee. If you want to look sexy, add a leather jacket or long coat depending on the weather.
  • Pants: Fitted denim jeans are a great choice, just like tailored slacks if you're going to a slightly more upscale bar.
  • Shoes: Oxfords or sneakers can work depending on the formality of the bar or restaurant.
  • Accessories: Any accessories you like can fit here, including a watch, bracelet, necklace, or anything else.

A Cocktail Party with Coworkers

If you’re heading to a semi-formal cocktail party with your coworkers, you can wear your work outfit. Or you can spice things up by wearing some semi-formal articles after you go home to change.

  • Shirt/Jacket: A long sleeve collared shirt, preferably button-down. Wear a tie, too, unless you hate the way it feels.
  • Pants: Your tailored slacks should be khakis like Berle’s Performance Dress Khakis or chinos, though denim jeans might work depending on the reality of the occasion.
  • Shoes: Your work shoes should be fine here.
  • Accessories: As mentioned, wear a tie and don’t forget your watch.

Wedding or Formal Party

Naturally, if you’re going to a wedding or any other type of formal party and it has a dress code, just stick with what it says on the invitation. Don’t try to get creative unless specifically asked to be funny. For weddings, for example, the standard dress code is a suit or, if you are part of the groom’s team, a tailored tuxedo that fits you like a king.

  • Shirt/Jacket: Tuxedo or suit jacket and a tailored collared shirt
  • Pants: Tuxedo or suit slacks that match your jacket or shirt
  • Shoes: Clean, polished shoes
  • Accessories: A watch and/or tie or pocket square depending on the suit or tux collection

Wrap Up

There you have it—a complete breakdown of what you should wear on a night out. If you’re still stuck, just stick with the example above that best suits your situation. Remember to wear tailored clothes whenever possible, and check out Berle’s selection of high-quality trousers and slacks for all your legwear needs.