How To Wear Cufflinks Properly

Men don’t get many opportunities to accessorize. But there is one place where any man in a suit can put his unique stamp on his outfit: the cufflinks. Unfortunately, there aren’t any guides that come in the mail when you turn 18 that instruct you on how to wear cufflinks properly. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a quick guide.

How to Put On Your Cufflinks

It’s very easy to look at a dress shirt and a cufflink and wonder how the heck these two disparate objects are supposed to go together. But things will make more sense when you take the process step-by-step:

  • Button your shirt: Don your dress shirt and button it up. You can’t expect to put on a pair of cufflinks on a well-fitting dress shirt unless you’ve put your hands through it already.
  • Prepare the cufflink. You should be able to twist the link until it forms a “T” shape. Push the narrow part of the link through the outside button-hole in your cuff.
  • Link the cufflink: Connect both sides of the cuff with your other fingers, pinching the two buttons closer together until you can see the long end of the cufflink pushing through the two buttonholes, facing the inside of your shirt.
  • Clasp the cufflink: Twist the clasp to its proper “closed” position so the cufflinks can do their job and keep your cuff looking its best. Don’t forget to close the remaining button on your cuffs!

Repeat for the other wrist and you’ll now have two well-cuffed shirt sleeves with the cufflinks showing outward, just as designed.

How to Style Your Cufflinks to Your Suit

It’s great to know how to put on a pair of cufflinks. But which cufflinks should you choose? The answer depends on a variety of factors. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Choose something that matches or highlights your suit choice. Generally, you’ll want to use cufflinks that stand out from a crisp white dress shirt. While you should feel free to indulge your most creative whims when it comes to an accessory like this, try to keep the color scheme of your suit in mind.
  • Choose something meaningful to you. If someone says “nice cufflinks—where did you get them?” and you have nothing to tell them, then what was the purpose of wearing them to begin with? Choose a pair of cufflinks that are meaningful to you, such as a gift from a member of the wedding you’re attending.
  • Think about your other accessories. You can create a slick, unified look when you pair your cufflinks with the belt you’re wearing, your tie, or even the socks you have under your trousers.

Pair With Quality Trousers

Finally, don’t forget that your cufflinks won’t look their best unless you have a suit that will do them justice. Browse the tailored trousers here at Berle for a unique look that will give you confidence far beyond what you’re wearing on the cuff.

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