How To Fold A Pocket Square

There’s nothing to add a little flair to an outfit quite like a pocket square. This accompaniment can be a great way to tie an outfit together or to add a stylistic touch that contrasts without distracting. But you can do none of that if you don’t already know how to fold a pocket square the right way. How can you make sure the pocket square doesn’t only look great, but remains securely where it belongs? Here are some tips to get you started.

Choose Your Folding Style

In this article, we’ll look at two distinct pocket square folding styles: the “classic,” which gives you just a little hint of the pocket square parallel to the pocket itself, and “four peaks,” which uses the pocket square to draw a little more attention.

Which one is appropriate for your next pocket square? You’ll find that both are well-suited for formal settings. It’s really a matter of personal taste and the statement you want to make with your particular outfit.

The Classic Pocket Square

This style is well-suited for anyone who’s never folded a pocket square before but wants to ensure that they have everything they need to get started. Because it’s as simple as any style, it’s great for the common man who just wants to get the pocket square in and not have to worry about it.

In fact, this process is so easy that all of the steps can be summarized quickly: fold the square in half three times. After the third time, you should be left with a vertical rectangle. Partially fold this rectangle up from the bottom, giving you a folded rectangle. Voila! Stuff that in your pocket so that the square matches the pocket fold, leaving just a little of the fringe visible above the pocket line. That’s all you have to do for a classic pocket square.

The Four Peaks Pocket Square

If you need something with a little more flair, you’ll have to step up the difficulty of the folding technique.

Here’s how to achieve the four peaks fold:

  • Set the pocket square down in diamond style, so the tips face “north,” “south,” “east,” and “west,” so to speak.
  • Fold the bottom half over the top half, with the tips at “north” just a little off-set from each other.
  • Fold the right half over the top so the tip (now the third tip) is just a little off-set to the left.
  • Do the same with the other half.
  • Fold the bottom edges inward until you get an “ice cream cone” shape, and then fold the bottom underneath so you have a flat edge to insert into the pocket.

Complete Your Look

Of course, a good pocket square will go to waste if you don’t have the right trousers to go with it. Don’t forget to browse the tailored trousers at Berle to pull together your best look today.