Khaki Trousers: Four Reasons They’re Essential For Your Wardrobe

We all suffer from it sometimes. We stare at a full closet and declare to ourselves, “I have nothing to wear.” Why? Because you might have something to wear, but you don’t have the items that pair together quite so nicely. But if you invest in a quality pair of khaki trousers, you can end this problem. Here’s are four reasons a pair of men’s khaki trousers can pull together just about any outfit and an essential part of your wardrobe.

Versatility, versatility, versatility.

It’s the “location, location, location” of the wardrobe world. It’s one thing to buy a fantastic pair of men’s trousers, love the way you look in it, and enjoy it occasionally. It’s another thing to buy a fantastic pair of trousers and find that it matches with just about anything you could throw at it.

The khaki trouser might just be the most versatile item a man can own. But don’t forget that not just any khaki pant will do. You’ll want to look for men’s pants with the following qualities:

  • Quality fabric. Your khakis won’t be versatile unless the fabric itself will hold up against the other fine fabrics you have in your wardrobe. Cotton is frequent here, but additional texture from Tencel herringbone and even wool make quality additions.
  • The “hem,” or “cut.” This refers to how far the pants come down on your ankle. Too low and they’ll look more appropriate for a suit—too high and your khakis only become versatile as casual wear.

The solution? Try our Charleston Khakis in Cotton/Tencel in Flat Front. Try to order the best size you can, but remember that we also offer complimentary hemming on all of our trousers.

Men’s khakis make dressing up a cinch.

The reason we extol the virtues of quality fabric? If you invest in good fabric, you can then pair your khakis with a sport coat or blazer up top for a dressier look.

It’s not difficult to dress up khakis at all. A brown belt, a button-down shirt, and a snug (but not stifling) fit can function as business casual on any day of the week. What’s more, it doesn’t matter what the weather is like—khakis can be worn with one layer or multiple layers and will still tie the outfit together.

Khakis make dressing down a cinch.

Put on a plain sweatshirt over your khakis and you have a tasteful-yet-casual outfit ready to go for the weekend. Pair your khakis with a sweater and you’re dinner-party ready. Pop on a pullover and… well, by now you get the point: khakis are just as easy to dress down as they are to dress up.

You’ll even be able to pair khakis with T-shirts if you’re really feeling daring, which means these trousers give you more versatility than a pair of blue jeans—and that’s saying a lot.

Khaki trousers show you care.

Denim is great. Blue jeans are ubiquitous for a reason. But there’s something about khakis that shows just a little bit more thoughtfulness no matter what the situation may be.

Now there’s only one thing to do: head over to our Charleston Khakis department and find the pair of trousers that will ensure you always have something to wear when you open up your closet.