Men’s Fashion Tips: Five Ways to Wear Men’s Casual Pants

You may have been told that men’s casual pants are versatile. Then, when you go to put them on for the first time, you realize something: these pants may look versatile, but you have no idea what to actually wear with them. Do you go formal? Do you dress up khakis in a suit? Can you even wear a T-shirt with these things?

Fortunately, these aren’t rhetorical questions. In this men’s fashion guide, you can find our five recommendations for matching your top to your men’s casual pants.

Business Casual: Add a Blazer

Consider this your new work attire if your office calls for Business Casual. After a pair of men’s casual pants has been added to your wardrobe, perhaps the most versatile and essential item in your collection is a navy blazer.

Why navy? It’s a color that works in every single season with just about every single look imaginable. As for the blazer itself: it brings you into “Business Casual” territory, allowing you to show your colleagues at work that you take yourself—and your job—seriously.

Night Out: Wear a Button-Down Shirt

When it comes to buttoned shirts, you have two options: button-up and button-down. What’s the difference?

  • The button-up shirt has a collar free of buttons, requiring you to “button up” the shirt right up to the neck. This crisp collar is generally reserved for power suits, important meetings, and key social events. Since we’re talking men’s casual pants here, you’ll generally want to avoid the crisp white button-up.
  • The button-down shirt collar allows you to attach the collar to your shirt, giving you a crisp look that won’t go unhinged on you simply because you’re not wearing a tie. This makes it more casual, which is better suited for a night out with friends.

The Chilly Day: Putting on a Layer

Technically, adding a navy blazer is adding a layer. But if the temperatures really dip so much that you find yourself wearing a pair of cords like this 8 Wale Luxury Corduroy, you’ll want to add something with a little more heft to stay warm.

This usually means adding a sweatshirt or a sweater on top of a button-down. A vest will also add some insulation without suffocating—just in case it’s cool but not cold outside. And if you want another layer but still want to highlight your button-down shirt, add a white undershirt for additional insulation while keeping the same breezy look.

The Hot Day: Pack a Polo

Stylish men’s casual pants are designed to be casual—after all, “casual” is their name. But on a hot day, try a polo shirt before bringing out the extremely-casual option of the tank top. Polo shirts can be light, much like wearing a T-shirt, but thanks to the collar, add just a touch of panache to the outfit.

If you don’t like how polos feel, consider other casual options like a V-neck tee or a short-sleeve button-down.

Around the House: The Simple Shirt

A simple crewneck T-shirt or sweatshirt is absolutely fine with a pair of casual pants, so long as you wear the proper fit and match the shirt to the trouser. Microfiber Performance Pleated Trousers call for something a little more formal, but Prime Poplin can be surprisingly versatile.

And of course, if you don’t yet own a great pair of men’s casual pants, you can browse our collection to find the right pair for you!