Linen Outfits for Men

Most masculine fashion guides recommend wearing materials like wool, silk, and more. But linen—the classic, airy fabric that’s stood the test of time—is often ignored. Why?

Simply put, linen is a little more casual than other materials and creases easily. Still, linen outfits for men are coming back in style. It’s time for you to take a hard look at your wardrobe and see if there are any pieces you could stand to replace with linen alternatives!

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What are the Benefits of Linen Shirts, Slacks, and Suits?

Linen has been around for thousands of years, and for good reason. It’s a versatile material, particularly for those in hot weather or climates. Linen isn’t the most lightweight material on the market, but linen shirts, pants, and other articles have low thread counts, so it’s typically much cooler than cotton.

Furthermore, linen is pretty durable, making it a great material for guys on budgets, as well. Linen can absorb water and dry safely, meaning it should last for many years to come, even if worn regularly. Of course, linen doesn’t feel nearly as smooth as cotton or wool, although it does become a little softer over time.

Ultimately, linen is a perfect “comfort” material. It’s an ideal pick for men who want comfortable but long-lasting clothing for a variety of occasions. If pure linen isn’t your style, you can always pick up a linen blend that combines this fabric with wool or silk for extra benefits.

What Distinguishes Great Linen Clothing?

Like with other wardrobe items, there are great linen pieces and subpar linen clothing. When looking for a new linen piece, consider these major factors:

  • Find linen that’s lighter and less textured if you want to stay away from creases. Heavier and textured linen clothing crumples more easily and can make you look a little rougher than you intend.
  • Get tailored clothing wherever possible. Since linen is so crease-able, it pays to have clothing that fits you perfectly. This minimizes awkward wrinkle lines after wearing your linen pieces all day.
  • Pair linen clothing with casual accessories and shoes. While linen can work for certain formal occasions in a pinch, it's typically reserved for comfortable relaxation or "smart" comfort wear.

Wearing Linen with Style

Let’s break down some examples of how you can wear linen clothing to maximum effect:


Full linen suits can be a great choice despite linen not being a particularly formal material. Well-made linen suits are perfect for warm weather occasions, such as summer parties or graduation celebrations.

When wearing a linen suit, avoid pairing it with a linen shirt. The inevitable crumples of both pieces will not blend well together. Pair your linen suit with a crisp cotton shirt for bonus points and to add some stylish contrast.

You should also use your linen suit for smart-casual style choices. Pair a linen suit with a dress shirt to look as cool as possible. Find other texture weaves to contrast with linen’s wrinkle lines. Wear cocktail-appropriate shoes to complete the look.


Linen shirts are a classic option that you can’t really go wrong with. Loose-fitting linen shirts are the default example, keeping you cool and stylish on scorching summer days.

You can probably find plenty of linen shirts in light colors, such as yellow, beige, and white. Pair linen shirts with linen shorts or pants to maximize your temperature regulation.

Collared linen shirts in colors like blue or red are perfect for days at the beach, especially when paired with stylish sunglasses and a thin watch.

Dress Pants

You can find plenty of linen dress pants these days. They're the perfect finalizing touch to a smart-casual look. Be sure to get your linen pants well-tailored. Tailored linen pants will minimize unfortunate creases while still retaining the material’s overall casual texture and comfort. Linen pants colors should lean toward neutral tones, such as white, beige, or gray.

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All in all, linen outfits for men are back in style, and we’re thrilled about it. Linen is a versatile material that’s perfect for the approaching summer months. If you’re ready to add new linen items to your wardrobe, shop tailored linen trousers and shorts from Berle! Complimentary hemming and free shipping are included in every order. With more than 70 years in the manufacturing industry, our team has perfected the art of delivering the best pair of trousers available today. Your upgraded wardrobe awaits!

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