What to Wear to a Spring Wedding for Men

Most weddings are pretty easy to dress for—simply show up in a suit or a tuxedo, and you're set! But with many more folks setting their weddings in the middle of spring, you may be wondering if a basic suit is the way to go for this particular season. It’s a good question, especially since spring weddings tend to be a little more relaxed about what counts as appropriate attire. Learn what to wear to a spring wedding as a man, below.

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The “Before or After 4:00” Rule

The trouble about dressing for spring weddings is that they naturally toe the line between a casual, airy affair and a much more formal event. If you’re having difficulty deciding what to take out of your wardrobe, follow the above rule.

Simply look at the date and time of the upcoming wedding. If the ceremony is before 4:00 PM, chances are it’s a little more casual. Afternoon spring weddings are fun and can be a chance to show off cocktail attire-style fashion, including slacks, professional button-down shirts, and Oxfords.

On the other hand, if the ceremony is scheduled to begin after 4:00 PM, it’s probably more serious. Any guy wanting to look his best should opt for formal wedding attire, such as a suit or even a tuxedo if it’s a black-tie event.

Balancing Spring Colors and Wedding Formality

Many couples choose spring weddings because of the extra color they can bring to the celebration. You should do the same thing when selecting your wardrobe.

If the upcoming spring wedding is a casual or cocktail-level event, feel free to mix your light and dark colors. This will allow you to strike a great balance between spring brightness and wedding seriousness. Here are some examples:

  • Try mixing a lightly colored blazer with darker chinos or dress pants
  • Pair a formal dress shirt with a colorful tie and either khaki or colored pants, particularly if the wedding is a “before 4 PM” event
  • Go with a colorful suit, especially if it’s a cocktail wedding

Of course, it’s a good idea to ask the groom (or maybe the bride, if we’re being honest!) whether a certain color or attire choice will be alright for their special day.

When Are Tuxedoes the Way to Go?

How formal the wedding will be is heavily dependent on the couple in question. Some may still insist on a black-tie event, even in the middle of a glorious spring day.

That’s alright! It’s their wedding, after all. But don’t assume that tuxedos are the way to go for a spring wedding unless it’s absolutely stated. If the couple does want the men to wear tuxedos, don’t go against the grain or break tradition.

Choose Lightweight Fabric

Aside from tuxedos, your other clothing choices will come in a variety of fabrics. We’d recommend breaking out any lightweight fabrics you have in your closet, particularly since some spring days can be particularly hot and humid.

With that in mind, lean toward cotton shirts and unstructured blazers. Not only will these keep you cool, but they’ll help you avoid looking too stiff or formal at a fun spring wedding. You can also look into silk ties for lighter, more breathable accents to your outfit.

Tailored is Top-Tier

Naturally, weddings are opportunities for you to show off your style. To that end, it might be a good idea to get any blazers, trousers, or even suits you plan to wear tailored by professionals. Tailored clothing, and especially tailored pants, can make you look much better and elevate even a casual spring wedding outfit.

In fact, getting your spring wedding outfit tailored is key if you plan to wear something like a nice button-down shirt and comfortable slacks for a noon ceremony. Tailoring your clothes can help to make any aesthetic look more formal or serious, even if it’s a colorful shirt and a polka-dot bowtie!

Read the Room

Above all else, ask around about what other men are wearing to the upcoming spring wedding. That’s the best way to make sure you wear the right attire and look like a million bucks!

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