Men’s Wool Pants for Autumn Color Palette

Autumn is just ahead, which means it’s time to reinforce your wardrobe and fill it with some of the best shirts, shoes, and trousers. Wool pants are popular picks for fashionable guys due to their thickness and comfort. But you'll maximize your style by choosing wool pants in the ideal colors to complement your overall autumn color palette. Let's take a closer look.

Why is Wool So Good for Fall?

Wool is a phenomenally effective and comfortable fabric in the fall for one big reason: wool fibers have a little bit of space between them. As you wear wool fabric, those small pockets of air between the wool fibers warm up and circulate heat throughout the garment. In a sense, your wool shirt, jacket, or trousers become warmer and stay warmer as you wear them.

On top of that, wool holds heat very well thanks to a protein called keratin. Keratin is found in the natural hairs that wool is made from. This heat retention and overall breathability make wool the go-to choice for masculine articles in the colder months of the year.

Wool Pants Colors for Fall

There are lots of great colors you can choose for your wool trousers throughout the fall. Let’s take a look at some examples.


Brown is perhaps the default wool trouser color, and for good reason.

There are many different shades of brown you can use for your autumn ensemble. These wool flannel pleated pants from Berle come in a heather-tan shade, which might go very well with a white shirt, a gray shirt, or some other upperwear article, depending on whether you are dressing for work or for casual get-togethers.

Alternatively, you can opt for a classic khaki shade with these worsted wool plain weave pants. They are perfect for wearing to the workplace, especially if you operate in an office or warehouse environment. Thanks to their 100% wool composition, they are supremely warm and comfortable, even if your work environment doesn’t have a heater running constantly.


Then there’s navy. This dark blue color is a great choice for men as it’s a masculine aesthetic staple. Navy wool trousers go perfectly well with navy shirts or jackets, and they are a little more visually interesting compared to brown in many ways.


You can alternatively opt for a dark orange set of trousers. This needs to include a good amount of brown in its shade to look appropriate, however. Dark orange-brown wool trousers are visually distinct, and they might pair perfectly with other, more interesting shades like green, navy, or even white.


Speaking of green, dark green wool pants might be perfect for your autumn color palette and wardrobe. Dark green can remind people of the natural fall colors that surround them, plus act as a visual herald of the crisp winter green shades on the horizon.

These olive stretch gabardine wool pants are perfect examples of how green is a stellar autumn shade, at least if it's dark enough. These are made of quality stretch gabardine wool, and they feature a lower rise and a flat front. Depending on your outfit preferences, they could be the perfect companion articles to a button-down, workplace-appropriate shirt, especially with great dress shoes.


Don’t forget gray, which needs to be suitably warm to avoid being a winter color. Go for more of a stone gray for your fall wool trousers rather than a dark gray set – otherwise, your outfit might look a little too cold or stiff for the lingering warmth that fall fashion is supposed to evoke.

Coordinating Your Autumn Color Palette

While it’s crucial to choose the right color palette for your men’s wool pants in autumn, you also need to coordinate that color with the other shades in your overall outfit.

For example, if you have a brown shirt, brown trousers are probably not the best idea. Navy goes well with everything, while natural colors like green and orange pair well with other complementary colors (e.g., green and brown), not themselves.

Keep these considerations in mind. It’s the best way to make sure your wool trousers elevate your overall outfit rather than dragging it down.


At the end of the day, the wool pants you choose will only be effective if you get them tailored and in the right color for the rest of your outfit. Berle’s collection of wool pants could be perfect for your workplace autumn outfit collection or your fall pants needs. Check it out today!