Fine Men’s Clothing Trends in Fall

Whether you’re heading back to school and want to impress your professors or simply want to elevate your wardrobe in time for the first chilly winds of autumn, knowing which fine men’s clothing trends in fall to pursue could be the difference between looking stylish and less than stellar. Here’s what you should try to wear for the upcoming autumn season in 2023.

The Right Jacket is Key

When it comes to your fall fashion ensemble, you have to choose the right jacket. There are a few different options you can pick from, like:

  • A denim jacket, especially one in a bold blue color
  • A brown leather jacket, like a bomber jacket or biker jacket. This jacket type might be great if you like the old-fashioned, classic masculine aesthetic
  • A thick hoodie, which is a more casual choice and perfect for hanging out with your friends or going to the store for a quick errand

If you end up going with a denim jacket, consider pairing that jacket with quality denim trousers. These dress denim pants from Berle could be just what you’re looking for, as they are sufficiently dark-colored and classy for fall excursions. They’re relaxed, comfortable, and made of 100% cotton, so they should last for a long time to come if you take care of them. Pair these pants with brown dress shoes and you’ll even look ready for a fall date (with the right shirt and jacket, of course).

Shirt Styles

Don’t forget to consider your shirt styles, as well. There are, broadly speaking, four different shirt styles you can wear in the fall while looking your best. These are:

  • Linen shirts, which are perfect if your fall weather is still a little hot for comfort. Linen is very cool and moisture-wicking
  • Flannel shirts, which are ideal for layering (see more below) and perfect for warming yourself up without wearing a full-on jacket
  • Oxford cloth button-downs, which are classy and perfect for date nights, after-work cocktail parties, and everything in between when a T-shirt doesn’t suit the occasion
  • Long-sleeve Henleys, which are casual and simultaneously stylish shirts perfect for men looking to dress their best in the fall

Layers, Layers, Layers

Fall weather oftentimes demands layering. It’s a little too chilly to just wear a shirt, but not cold enough to don a thick jacket. You can practice smart layering by wearing thinner layers underneath thicker layers – think of a thin T-shirt or Henley underneath a flannel, for example. Layering is stylish and practically useful, so many guys like it.

You can even tie the different layers of your outfit together with the right trousers. Take these flannel lined performance khakis from Berle. They feature a titular flannel lining on the inside, so if you roll up the legs of the pants a little bit, they might match the flannel you choose as the outermost layer of your autumn outfit. The sky’s the limit, so get creative with the layering you choose for your outfit!

Look Better with Boots

When it comes to footwear, opt for boots instead of sneakers. The right boots will make you look ready for anything in the fall, like an occasional puddle or muddy patch on the ground, while also being practical enough for easy navigating throughout the house or the city.

This is especially true if you are putting together a fall workplace ensemble. For example, these performance dress khakis will go perfectly well with your work boots, especially if they are durable boots meant for trudging around in the mud and dirt. Of course, such khakis are also appropriate for office environments; pair them with dress shoes and a button-down shirt or polo to maximize the effect.

Coordinate Your Colors

Consider your fall colors, as well. In general, the best masculine colors for a fall wardrobe include:

  • Brown
  • Red or burgundy
  • Dark orange
  • Dark blue
  • Gray (but not too dark)
  • Dark green

Generally, you want to emulate the shades found in the natural environment as the leaves change colors. Don’t go for black just yet. Black is usually seen as more of a winter color, and it can look a little too harsh next to the rest of your ensemble if you aren’t careful.

Wrap Up

All in all, any of these clothing trends could be just what you need to maximize your aesthetic and your style. Keep these style tips in mind, and you'll look great at work, with your friends, and at any other social occasion you plan to attend throughout the autumn!