Summer Business Fashion for Men in 2020

Maybe you have a big presentation. Maybe it’s just another day at the office. But no matter what the situation, one thing is clear: obvious sweat stains just won’t cut it. When you have a job to do, it’s not exactly fun to be daydreaming about going home for a quick change. Here are a few summer business fashion tips for men. Stay cool and dry in the summer while wearing men’s dress clothes.

Wear An Undershirt

If you suffer from “pit stains” frequently, an undershirt will provide a layer of protection between your sweat and a newly-pressed dress shirt. The disadvantage here is that you have to add a new layer. Fortunately, many of the top shirt-makers will offer light shirts specifically designed to be worn with thin undershirts—and these shirts are about as inexpensive as shirts get.

One key: don’t add just any T-shirt to your undershirt. Stick with white undershirts that are specifically labelled as undershirts. These are designed to soak up maximum sweat while adding minimal bulk to your outfit.

Get To The Office Ahead of Time

If you have a big morning presentation, it helps to expose yourself to as much air conditioning as possible. That way you’ll be clean and dry by the time the presentation rolls around. Plus, if you get in early, you can take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures. This is particularly important if you have a long way to travel to work. If you bike to work, you’ll want to leave yourself a solid chunk of time just to adjust to the new temperature inside. This might make for a hectic morning, but it will leave you ample time to prepare for the day ahead.

Wear Performance Dress Clothes

Is it enough to add a layer underneath? It’s hard to do that with men’s trousers, after all. That’s why it’s worth seeking out a better kind of fabric. When it comes to men’s business fashion, the innovative material of Performance Dress Khakis will do the trick while keeping you looking your best. These khakis are breathable and won’t require an additional layer in the heat—plus, they’ll offer some resistance from staining and even some moisture resistance.

Apply Your Deodorant at the Right Time

According to WebMD, applying deodorant when you’re wet and sweaty can lead to much of the product being washed away, which is why some products don’t seem very effective. Remember to apply deodorant when it will have the maximum impact—when the skin is dry.

If you plan to get to the office early, it might even help to have a stick of deodorant to keep at work, which you can then apply in the bathroom once you feel more cool and dry. This will help you smell better and ensure that the sweat protection of the product itself lasts longer.

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