Five Ways to Wear Charleston Khakis

There may be no item in your wardrobe as versatile as the Charleston Khaki. It pairs well with polos, button-downs, even blazers and suit jackets. But that doesn’t mean you won’t sink into old habits when wearing your Charleston Khakis, either. If you want to make the most of these versatile men’s trouser options, learn how to mix it up. Here are five great ways you can wear Charleston Khakis throughout the work week.

Navy Blazer + Flat Front Charleston Khakis

You might consider the Navy Blazer the “Charleston Khakis” of your tops: it’s that versatile. Whether you’re headed to a wedding, to the office or a dinner party—it fits in everywhere. Pair it with its natural counterpart below the belt with Flat Front Charleston Khakis, and you can’t go wrong.

Even better: you can try out some more variety by experimenting with the shirts you wear under the blazer. The button-down is a traditional accompaniment, but other options include polos or a sweater layer during cooler months.

Shirt + Tie + Charleston Brick

It might sound a little more like a recipe for dressing up a fireplace than a pair of trousers—until you see the trousers we mean when we say “Charleston Brick.” This color is no less versatile than the traditional khaki but adds a splash of color to any wardrobe.

Contrast it with a conservative pair—the ubiquitous shirt and tie. Then keep things simple. Be you’re your accessories match. Choose a brown belt and brown shoes, and you’ll have a fool-proof way to look professional and stylish.

The Full Suit with Pleated Khakis

Sometimes you need something a little less casual—something that will look just as good sitting down in an important meeting as it does standing up. Enter Pleated Charleston Khakis. This double reverse pleat with 100% cotton is comfortable and pairs well with a suit jacket and tie to give you more of a “heavy hitter” look when the occasion calls for it.

For the Weekend: Charleston Walk Shorts

If you can get the full experience of Charleston Brick for a casual weekend trip, why not take advantage? Charleston Brick Walk Shorts feature the same khaki look and style—they just end more quickly on the leg than the longer versions.

Casual Friday: Dark Polo + Stretch Twill

Charleston Khakis can be dressed up, but they look just as good dressed down on “casual Fridays.” And casual Fridays are a great time to let loose… but that doesn’t mean you have to come to work in a T-shirt and jeans, either.

We recommend dressing down with a dark polo and Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill. With the light colors available, you can draw a nice contrast with a darker top. The beauty of the Stretch Twill? It contains 3% spandex, which makes it a far more athletic, casual option that you can wear out on Friday night as well.

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To find the full gamut of Charleston Khaki possibilities here at Berle, keep exploring—we’re certain you’ll discover a pair of trousers that will add a whole new dimension to your wardrobe.