Mens Casual Trousers Online Shopping Tips

There’s nothing like your favorite pair of trousers. You can wear them anywhere. You feel comfortable taking them out to a restaurant or meeting friends. You feel comfortable wearing them at the office, where they make each Monday morning a little better. Then one day, they wear out. Suddenly, you find yourself without a favorite pair of pants. So how do you go about finding a new favorite pair. It’s not easy, but we have a few mens casual trousers online shopping tips that can help you find your next “go-to” pair.

Step One: Get The Fit Right

We’re willing to bet that your favorite pair of trousers were less about the look and more about the function. That’s why you felt comfortable wearing them day in and day out. It’s possible to replicate this feeling by getting the right fit. But how do you do that, especially when shopping for mens casual trousers online?

  • Know your fit. Consider the pants and look at their dimensions. Do you know the inseam? The waist size? If not, take stock of them before throwing them out. You can use those numbers to plug into a self-sizing option here at Berle. Simply add a pair of trousers to your cart, such as the Seersucker Flat Front Trousers, and enter your info to get the exact fit you need.
  • Try a few pairs. When you shop online, make sure that you’re working with a retailer that can offer returns. Ideally, you should be able to get the fit right the first time, but if you don’t, you should always have the option of returning. Sometimes, trial and error is the only way to find your next favorite pair of casual trousers.

Step Two: Consider The Fabric

Fabric matters more than you might imagine. Although fit is important, the fabric of your trousers has a lot to do with how they feel every day. Do you want something light and airy like cotton, or do you enjoy the substantial and insulating properties of wool?

You should also consider the weaving pattern of the fabric. Seersucker, for example, is made from 100% cotton—yet there’s a reason it feels completely different than the 100% cotton Performance Dress Khakis. Corduroy is another 100% cotton fabric that can feel much more substantial and warmer than either option, making it suited for cooler climates and seasons.

Step Three: Feel Free to Browse

Your old favorite pants were familiar. They were reliable. But we’re guessing they didn’t start out feeling that way. Sometimes, your favorite pair of trousers isn’t the pair you expect. That’s why we encourage you to browse all the mens casual trousers online at Berle to see if something catches your eye.

Your favorite pair of pants tomorrow might not look anything like your favorite pants of yesterday. Shop Berle today!