Big And Tall Shopping Tips

Finding a quality, well-fitting pair of trousers can be a challenge for anyone. But what happens when your proportions don’t necessarily fit the standard, off-the-rack options you find online? Big and tall shopping can feel like navigating through a minefield—one misstep and you’ve ordered a pair of trousers that won’t fit you in the slightest.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a few big and tall shopping tips so you can find the best trousers at the highest quality with the right fit, every single time. Here’s what you’ll need to know.

Keep it simple.

Just because your size requirements call for Big & Tall options, that doesn’t mean you have to buy special colors, clothes, or trousers. It’s probably best to keep it simple instead. Focus on the versatile colors you enjoy, and the ones in which you feel most comfortable. As you learn about the proper fitting and how to pair clothes together in a single outfit, you’ll naturally learn how to wear clothes that help you look and feel your best.

Clean up.

When big and tall shopping, it’s tempting to order larger, bulky clothes because they feel loose and comfortable. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re working with the right fit. “Clean up” your look by focusing on the same principles that would apply to any other man.

You’ll want a trouser leg that goes down to the top of your shoe, covering your ankle but never farther down the foot. You’ll want a waist that can rest comfortably without a belt, while using a belt to cinch things together and accessorize. A clean look will always help you look your best no matter what size you may be. Try our Microfiber Self Sizer Flat Front trousers, and use our self-sizer tool to get your perfect fit. These trousers are ideal for anyone who wants to cut a sharp figure at any size.

Don’t try to hide.

Big and tall men tend to make fashion mistakes when they try to hide their features rather than wear clothes that flatter their natural advantages. For example, someone self-conscious about their height might wear excessively long pants so their legs don’t feel as long. The problem with this? The feel of the pants contradicts the appearance of a poor fit. It’s far better to stick to fashion rules that do work for big and tall men, including…

Wear solid, dark colors.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to these colors, but solid and dark colors tend to be flattering and create a strong silhouette. For example, our Super 100’s Pleated Gabardines in charcoal are a great option if you’re looking for a solid color you can wear in a number of situations.

Match your proportions.

If you have a large face, a similarly wide collar can do a lot to flatter your appearance. Matching your tie and lapel will also help to pull together the overall look. The key here is to discover where your proportions need matching, then match them.

Shop Berle

Not sure yet how to get the proportions just right? You’ll stand a far greater chance of matching those proportions if you enter in your unique sizing information when ordering items from our Big & Tall Collection. Shop now to get the ideal fit for your proportions.