Men’s Dress Pants Shopping Guidelines

Every man needs a few pairs of quality dress pants, but you can’t just grab some black slacks and call it a day! You need the right dress pants for each social occasion, tailored for your body type and size. Remember, the right dress pants can make or break your outfit and also determine which jacket or blazer best suits the rest of your ensemble.

Simply put, the types of dress pants you wear are essential. Read on for a detailed list of shopping guidelines that can help you find the best dress pants every time.

1. Get Your Measurements

The first step to buying the right dress pants is knowing your measurements. You can do this at any men’s tailor. If you’re lucky, you may already have them! In any case, take note of the following measurements:

● Waist: To measure your waist, wrap a tape measure around your waist and navel. Do so without wearing clothes so that you don't measure over the belt of your pants. Ensure the measuring tape is level around your midsection, and keep it snug without being too tight
● Inseam: You can take your inseam measurements yourself if you already have a pair of pants that fit you well. Fold the pants in half vertically, and put the end of the measuring tape on the crotch seam. Stretch the measuring tape to the bottom of the hem, and take note of the number. You can also have your partner or friend take your inseam measurements while you wear well-fitted pants
In any case, knowing your measurements is essential in finding pants that fit you well so you can avoid buying dress trousers that are overly baggy or tight.

Select the Right Fit

Once you know your measurements, it’s time to choose dress pants with the right fit. Here are a few popular styles:

● Relaxed fit pants: This style is comfortable and looser around the legs
● Trim-fit dress pants (sometimes called slim-fit trousers): These are slim without being tight through the hip and thigh and feature narrow leg openings
● Standard fit: These pants offer a more roomy fit
● Tailored fit pants: This style is always ideal though they may cost a bit more than average.

Also consider whether a given pair of dress pants are pleated or not. Pleated pants provide extra room and comfort, but flat front pants are more popular now than ever. That's because flat front pants seem a little more modern and stylish rather than classical.

Find the Right Fabric

The fabric of your dress pants affects their comfort, appearance, and appropriateness with the rest of your outfit. Cotton, wool, and linen trousers can all be excellent; the latter is particularly comfortable for spending time outdoors in the hot summer months. But cotton and wool are much more common overall.
Fortunately, there are many great choices for trouser fabrics. For example, Berle’s poly/wool tropical trousers are a phenomenal choice for spring and summertime social occasions—especially outdoor celebrations. These lightweight trousers feature a fabric weight of just 7.75 ounces and are machine washable: a major benefit since most wool dress slacks are dry-clean only.

These poly/wool tropical trousers are available in plenty of colors: perfect for combining with jackets or blazers. You can select these trousers in flat front or pleated styles, and each pair features a self-sizer waistband for added comfort.

Alternatively, you may appreciate something like our prime poplin trousers. These men’s poplin pants are lightweight at just 5.6 oz fabric weight and great for the spring and summer months. They are also available in three classic colors with relaxed or classic fits and fully tailored so you can enjoy a dress pant that never lets you down.

Color Considerations

Lastly, consider color when choosing the right dress pants. For curating a wardrobe full of staple pieces, choose pants in colors with neutral colors like gray, blue, and black. White dress pants are only appropriate in hotter weather.

Get the Look at Berle

Ultimately, shopping for dress pants is easy once you know what to look for and what to consider before making a purchase. If you’re ready to upgrade your look, shop Berle’s tailored pants collections today!