Classic Southern Men’s Attire

Men of the South certainly have style. Whether you think of a classic Southern gentleman or a more rugged look when you imagine Southern fashion, there’s no denying that these styles bear many of the hallmarks of traditional masculinity.

Luckily, you can emulate classic Southern men’s attire with the right clothing choices. Even better, many of these clothing choices will equip you for vacationing or living in the South since they are meant to keep you cool in hot temperatures.

Breathable Clothing

The number one rule for any men's attire in the South is breathability and light weight. That's because it can get quite humid and hot in the South, particularly in the spring and summer months. Therefore, it's fairly common to see well-dressed men wearing suits made of materials like seersucker or lightweight cotton, for example.

Linen and seersucker are the two of the best materials for all of your clothing, especially your shirts and trousers. That's because these materials are light, can wick away moisture, and won't trap your sweat on your body. Good Southern male fashion also means wearing fitted clothes and lucky for you Berle has that covered!

Linen Shirts and Button-Downs

To start your Southern men's attire collection, aim for a few linen T-shirts and button-downs. These are great for keeping you cool in the Southern heat while also allowing you to look fashionable and stylish. As with many masculine styles, colors like navy, gray, and white are excellent. However, men's fashion in the South also allows for lighter colors like baby blue, pink, and more.

Lightweight Shorts and Trousers

Of course, you can’t dress like a classic Southern man unless you have lightweight, comfortable shorts and trousers to keep your legs cool. That means prioritizing materials that wick away moisture or are lightweight and breathable. Linen and seersucker are two excellent options for your trousers are shorts.

Berle offers a collection of both men’s seersucker pants and men’s seersucker shorts if you want comfortable, stylish legwear in a material a little less common than linen.

For example, our seersucker pants are made of super lightweight cotton, with a fabric weight of just 4.7 ounces. They feature a classic design and are available in both flat front and pleated styles. As spring and summer classics, these trousers are ideal for pairing with a button-down shirt, polo shirt, or any other upperwear you can imagine.

Also suitable are our seersucker shorts. These are also made with lightweight, 100% cotton. Plus, the shorts and trousers are available in many of the same colors, like light blue, pink, beige, and more. Stick with lightweight and stylish shorts and trousers and you won’t go wrong.

Comfy and Stylish Boots

When it comes to footwear in the South, boots are the name of the game. You should certainly look for comfy and stylish boots for the rainy weather you’ll experience in the Southern summer months (when thunderstorms appear to happen every day in some areas!).

However, you want to keep your boots well-polished and clean. Dirty or muddy boots can throw off your entire outfit and make you look a little less put together than you intend.

Hats and Accessories

In the south, you can aim more for the old-fashioned style of things and go with a wide-brimmed hat or a baseball cap. Either will suffice depending on the crowd you hang out with or where you plan to go. But hats are great no matter what since they protect your skin from the hot summer sun.

Other accessories, like a belt and watch, will go perfectly with your Southern fashion. If you’re wearing a linen or seersucker suit, don’t forget a classy pocket square to complete the outfit!

Cowboy Fashion–Yea or Nay?

One last thing–it’s usually only recommended to lean into cowboy fashion, with that iconic style of boots and hat, if are a cowboy yourself or have some experience farming. Cowboy fashion is very easy to pick apart when it’s worn by someone without any experience in the lifestyle. If you’re a city slicker, own it and choose one of the other fashion ideas above.

There you have it: a breakdown of traditional Southern men’s attire. Remember to keep it light, keep it classy, and you’ll look great no matter what! Check out the rest of Berle’s collection of tailored men’s pants and casual Charleston khakis.