What to Wear to a Summer Wedding for Men

Summer weddings are popular for a lot of reasons. You get a wedding with plenty of sunshine, a multitude of wedding venues to choose from, and who says “no” to a summer vacation getaway? But it's also true that summer weddings can be hot, hot, hot! Unfortunately for many guys, wedding attire isn’t usually designed with keeping you cool in mind.

While you can’t attend a wedding in a light dress, you can dress smartly and comfortably for a summer wedding with the right prep. We’ll help you show up to your next summer wedding in style.

Match the Material to the Weather

Be sure to consider the material your wedding suit and other articles will be made from. Luckily, Berle offers a variety of materials to choose from.


Linen is a solid choice, and for good reason. This breezy, lightweight material is phenomenal for staying cool and comfortable throughout even the hottest summertime weddings. Note that linen can be a bit wrinkly, so you’ll need to prep a linen jacket or pair of pants by ironing them beforehand.

Even with this risk, linen wedding clothes are popular thanks to their classic look and timeless appeal. Well-fitting linen two-piece suits are perfect for attending most summer weddings and other formal events, especially when you pair them with chambray shirts and patterned pocket squares.


Then there's seersucker: another top-tier warm-weather fabric. Seersucker is generally lightweight and very cool, and it can even wick some of your body moisture away as you sweat. This makes it the ideal choice for both spring and summer weddings.

However, seersucker usually comes with specific fabric patterns, like checkered or striped patterns. Thus, these can be better for laid-back and semiformal weddings rather than more formal occasions. You can find plain seersucker jackets, though they are rarer.

Lightweight Wool Trousers

Berle’s lightweight poly/wool tropical pants are just the ticket. These trousers are made with a special polyester and wool blend that not only looks great, but it also stays cool and lightweight throughout the day.

Available in a variety of different colors and in flat front or pleated styles, each pair of pants from this collection includes a self-sizer waistband. That’s perfect for ensuring comfort all throughout the day. Even better, these spring and summer trousers are machine washable. This is a major advantage given that the majority of wool dress slacks require you to take them to dry cleaners.

Footwear and Accessories

As far as footwear and other accessories go, staple wedding choices should work here as they do elsewhere. For shoes, brogues or crisp loafers are perfect for more casual summer weddings. If things are more formal, standard dress shoes polished to a mirror shine will get the job done.

You should also wear a stellar leather belt and consider a pocket square, especially if the wedding is more on the formal side of things. Add a watch and a pair of sunglasses and you’ll be set!

Above All Else: Read the Invitation

If you’re ever in doubt, simply read the wedding invitation for the event you are about to attend. Odds are, it’ll have some guidelines as to the dress code and its level of formality. Then you can choose the right trousers and suit for your needs. Don’t forget to check out Berle for all your tailored trouser shopping!