Try These Men's Dress Shorts To Stay Stylish All Summer

The temperature’s going up. And you know what that means: shorts, shorts, and more shorts. But just because the weather outside is getting warmer doesn’t mean you have to switch to a completely “casual” style. If you like to keep your edge in the summer months, then we have some great men’s dress shorts that can give you a more formal look without making you sweat.

Prime Poplin Shorts

Don’t believe us? Have a look at these Prime Poplin Self-Sizer shorts. Available in nine different colors, they can be worn during casual summer outings or even as a nice way to dress “smart” in situations like restaurants, outdoor events, and get-togethers. They’re a great alternative to the casual shorts you keep in your dresser and offer plenty of coverage—9” inseams—which helps when you get a breezy day.Prime poly/cotton poplin fabric is a step above the usual shorts. The 65%/35% polyester/cotton weave means plenty of flexibility and comfort while maintaining the restaurant-ready look you’re after.

Microfiber Shorts

If you already own a pair of our Microfiber Pants, you know just how comfortable this material can be. Pair that with the breezy option of shorts and you’ll be ready for a sweat-free, stylish trip outdoors.If your suit pants became shorts, this is what they would look like. Our Microfiber Shorts are perhaps the closest thing to wearing a genuine full suit without actually opting for long trousers. They’re available in versatile options such as white and khaki, but you can also try navy and even black for more of a “formal” look.

Seersucker Shorts

Don’t forget about the Pleated Seersucker option, either. Since pleating tends to give that “office-ready” look, it’s another great way to hold on to your formal style in the summer months.Seersucker is a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants to keep dressing “sharp” during the summer months—but still wants to try a new look that’s season-appropriate. Our Seersucker Flat Front Shorts are a great example of this. Think of Seersucker as the fabric weave of picnics and summer barbecues—it’s light and breezy, but substantial enough to keep you well covered and feeling smartly-dressed. Again, you’ll have the 9” inseam that suggests a little more formality than the typical “short” shorts, which in turn leaves you feeling comfortable about how you dressed.

Charleston Khakis

Nothing will give let you weave more smoothly between “casual” and “smart” than khaki shorts. Our Charleston Khakis are your best option for maintaining that breezy summer look without losing any of that gentlemanly style you’re after. This is an ideal option especially if you want to buy different colors of the same pair of shorts—if only to always have a “go-to” selection when you open up your dresser drawers this summer.

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