Men's Vintage Dress Pants For A Casual But Refined Look

When most people think “casual,” they think of what constitutes extra-casual. Shorts. Sweatpants. Track pants. But what if you want a smarter casual look? Then you need to meet our Men’s Vintage Dress Pants Collection. These pants run the gamut from professional to casual, yet none of them lose sight of the “vintage” look that gives every outfit an extra dose of smart sartorial style. Here are a few of our favorite recommendations for keeping it casual—yet refined.

Sunny Stretch Twill In Loden

Let’s be honest: how many of your friends only wear pants that are either navy/denim or khaki? We’re guessing it’s more than they’d be willing to admit. And sure, there’s nothing wrong with these colors— they work, they’re versatile, and they’ll fit in with just about any outfit you can think of. The problem is when you rely exclusively on these colors.

That’s why we think our Sunny Stretch Twill Pants In Loden are a great way to break free of that routine. There’s nothing too outside-the-box with this color. It will still match well with brown shoes, for example. It will still look good with a button-down shirt. It’s just not the “universal color” that so many men seem to rely on. Plus, with a 98% cotton/2% spandex combination, you’ll have the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and flexibility, too.

Sunny Stretch Compact Twill In Dusty Silver

These pants offer a great way to dress yourself up without sacrificing the casual look. You’ll have an effortless, put-together outfit, but you won’t have a pair of pants that looks too stuffy to handle casual situations—heading to class, dining with friends, enjoying a night out, etc. Dress them up or dress them down. Your options are endless when you select the right pair of casual trousers.Some colors are highly versatile without being highly “common.” That’s certainly the case in these men’s casual dress pants. Have a look at our Sunny Stretch Compact Twill pants in Dusty Silver and you’ll see what we mean. These pants feature a strong-yet-neutral color that pairs well with white, sharp primary colors, or even simple, laid-back pastels and pale tones. In essence, this “Dusty Silver” trouser is the casual khaki that doesn’t look like a khaki.

Sunny Stretch Twill In Charleston Brick

You don’t need to limit yourself to our vintage dress pants collections to find the right trousers for your style. Check out every our full collection here at Berle to find the pants that most suit your unique sense of fashion.Charleston Brick is one of those colors that straddles the line between smart, effortless style and the “dress-up” look of a southern gentleman. What we mean by that is that it can handle both looks with ease. This color offers a nice, casual “pop” outside the usual khaki or denim options while the construction of the pants themselves allows you to dress them up for weddings, restaurants, and formal get-togethers.