3 Reasons You'll Never Go Back From Tailored Trousers

Ever get “used” to wearing something? Maybe one day in college you got used to wearing polo shirts—and they became part of your unofficial uniform. Now, whenever you wear a T-shirt, you simply can’t go “back” to them. They feel too casual. Too loose. Too… not you.

If you want to raise the bar in your personal wardrobe even further, then we recommend Tailored Trousers. Tailored pants give you the professional look that’s ideal for work and formal occasions, and you may just find yourself wondering how you ever purchased anything off the rack. Here are three reasons you may never go back from tailored trousers once you start.

Tailored Trousers Give You A “Finished” Look

Just about any article of clothing can look good when it fits properly. But for the full “finished” look, a tailored trouser like our Super 100’s Gabardine Flat Front trouser is on a different level. Constructed from 100% wool, these trousers feature crisp and sleek details, from the button-up cinch waist to the way the pockets weave naturally into the pattern.

Nothing quite informs the rest of your outfit the way trousers can. Tailored trousers like these Super 100’s offer the texture and overall silhouette that makes just about any blazer or dress shirt on top into a “finished” look.

Tailored Trousers Are Comfortable

Don’t associate wearing something “tailored” with any unpleasant experience you’ve had getting fitted for a wedding tuxedo. What makes tailored pants like our Polyester Wool Tropical Flat Front Trousers so special is that they also feel comfortable. This is the tailored look, after all: when you master that “not too big, not too small” modus operandi in your personal wardrobe, you also developing an instinct for how clothes are supposed to feel.

But it’s not only about the fit. The polyester/wool tropical plain weave in these trousers is a durable, light, and cozy fabric that feels equally great in professional and casual situations. Think of it as a pair of pants you can wear to work without ever feeling like you’re wearing something that the company code requires—even if you are. That’s the comfort you should expect from even the dressiest pants in your entire wardrobe.

Tailored Trousers Can Expand Your Sartorial Horizons

Let’s talk about style for a second. Your own fashion standards are part of what makes you who you are. Trying out a pair of Black Watch Wool Plaid trousers is a great way to try something new. Expand those horizons and break free from the pack of solid prints.

Want myriad ways to explore all the benefits of tailored dress pants? Then head over to our Tailored Trousers section here at Berle and find out how great these pants can be!