3 Exceptional Trousers To Complete A Men’s Basic Wardrobe

If you’re staring at a dresser full of empty drawers, the process of creating a men’s basic wardrobe can seem a little intimidating. You’re not sure which pieces to get, which colors of which fabrics. That’s ok! We have a few thoughts for making the key purchases that will help you stretch your dollar and provide you with the best possible use from your high-quality trousers. Here are the trousers you’ll want to pick up if you’re building a basic wardrobe from scratch!

A Quality Pair Of Versatile Khakis

What can you do with a pair of khakis? It might be more expedient to ask what you can’t do. Take our Cotton/Poly Dress Khakis as an example. This can definitely be your new go-to pair of trousers. They feature a self-sizer waistband for timeless comfort, a relaxed fit that doesn’t bunch up on you, and a cotton-polyester blend that partners the breathability of cotton with the strength and durability of polyester.

Khaki pants are also highly versatile no matter which color you choose—an essential part of any men’s basic wardrobe. You can pair them with suit coats and ties for a dressed-up look or dress them down with a simple polo for a more casual outing. Think of khakis as your go-to option when you need a step above denim. These khakis will be office-ready and suit you just about anywhere else you might go, short of black-tie affairs.

Trousers Designed For A Suit

Although khakis will have most of your bases covered, you’ll likely find yourself confronted with the occasional need to dress a step “above” the khakis look. That means looking for trousers that you can wear to match a suit. These Polyester Wool Tropical Self Sizer Trousers are a great example. These trousers are available in a variety of colors to ensure a precise match with a suit coat you already own.

Again, you’ll find plenty of versatility here—aided in part by a self-sizing band that extends up to 4” for added comfort. That means you won’t have to necessarily worry about having a precise fit every single time you step into them.

Pants You Can Take Anywhere

Finally, let’s get a little more casual—but with a hint of “southern gentleman” style. A light pair of Charleston Khakis will have a dramatic impact on the versatility and quality of your wardrobe thanks to the effortless style it adds to just about any outfit. You’ll also find the 97-3 cotton-to-spandex ratio makes for pleasant breathability and stretch, which is great for wearing outdoors in the summer.

Find More Great Trousers At Berle

There’s no reason you can’t build a powerful, fashionable men’s wardrobe with just a few purchases. Visit our collections here at Berle to find the right fit for your dresser drawers—and your individual sense of style.