Men’s Smart Casual Fashion Ideas With Charleston Khakis

You want a go-to trouser that looks just as stylish in an office setting as it does for a casual stroll outdoors. What’s more, you want to make sure that this trouser doesn’t look too dressy or too casual—all while elevating the quality of your outfits. Sound impossible? Not for Charleston Khakis. Here are a few men’s smart casual fashion ideas with Charleston Khakis to help you take your wardrobe to the next level.

Keep It Casual With Flat Front Stretch Twill

While these twill pants will fit with most tops—including button down shirts and polos—you can dress them up by adding a blazer and a good pair of brown oxford shoes. In the summer, you may want to go sockless to keep the pants breathing and to expose a little bit of skin. This will give you the well-assembled “southern gentleman” look with which Charleston Khakis are so often associated.Khakis made with Stretch Twill fabric have a number of advantages. First, twill is a cotton weave with plenty of breathability and function, which means you can wear these pants even on hot summer days. When you opt for Stretch Twill Charleston Khakis, you’ll find an added mix of spandex that promotes even more flexibility. That makes these the ideal khakis for men’s smart casual fashion. You can even run around them at a casual summer party if that’s what you want to do.

Dress It Up With Crisp, Pleated Khakis

Charleston Khakis work well with casual wear—but that doesn’t mean they’re limited to polo shirts all summer long. You can dress up for weddings and formal events with Charleston Dress Khakis. Featuring a double reverse pleat that creates plenty of breathability while sitting, these are the kinds of pants you’ll want to have with you on hot summer days for formal events that require a lot of time parked in the chair.

How can you elevate a formal outfit with these khakis? Make sure to match up your shoes and belt at approximately the same color. You can dress them up with a suit coat, a blazer, and even go the extra mile with a tie and pocket square.

Choosing The Right Charleston Khakis For You

Whether you want to go casual or keep things formal, there’s likely a Charleston Khaki trouser that meets your needs. The only question is: how do you pick just one? Generally, you can keep to casual usage with Stretch Twill and Flat Front, while the “Dress” pants and pleated options tend to be more formal.

The key to making it all work? Knowing where Charleston Khakis will fit in your men’s smart casual fashion. Have a look at all the trouser options here at Berle to get a sense of which items might suit your style the best.

May 22, 2018 by Berle Editor
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