3 Elegant Men’s Wedding Trousers Options From Berle

If there’s any season that challenges men to look their best, it’s wedding season. You’ll have to look good enough to fit in with a formal black-tie event in which grooms dress up in tuxedos and brides don dresses they’ll keep for the rest of their lives. Yikes. Fortunately, there are plenty of elegant men’s wedding trousers available here at Berle! Here are three pants options for you to consider this wedding season.

Super 100’s Gabardine

Want to fit in at a formal event? Then you’ll have to step your game up. Fortunately, the Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated Trousers make that possible with one simple purchase. The good news here is that you can opt for one of several color options, which means you don’t necessarily have to invest in an entirely new wardrobe just to pull things together. You can match your pants to an existing suit coat, for example, by pairing navy with navy.

These are a great choice for men’s wedding pants! You’ll also notice that there are plenty of fitting options to ensure the pants fit snugly. This includes waist size, bottom finish, and inseam. If you aren’t sure what your individual measurements are, you might want to consider consulting a tailor and having them write them down for you.

Seersucker Flat Front

Going to an outdoor event or beach wedding? Then you’ll want to opt for a woven style that makes it possible to dress up with full-length trousers and still feel like you’re wearing cool, breathable pants. Enter our Seersucker Flat Front options. These lighter pants are ideal for summer weddings, especially when the setting requires plenty of exposure to the sun or the open air.

The reason seersucker works so well for these settings? The dimpled texture of the fabric helps keep it from sticking to the skin, which in turn keeps air moving through the trousers. That will not only help you regulate the temperature properly, but the fabric itself is an especially stylish look for warmer weather. That makes these a great pair of men’s wedding trousers!

Charleston Khakis Stretch Twill

Want something a little more casual, yet still stylish enough to fit right in during a wedding? Then it’s hard to justify venturing too far from Charleston Khakis. These Stretch Twill Charleston Khakis are an especially apt choice. They be paired with a dark or navy blazer and a tie for that “formal” look. Plus, they’re comfortable enough to keep on for both the service and wedding reception without missing a beat.

More Great Wedding Pants At Berle

Wedding season can be a challenge for any man who wants to flex his sartorial muscles. But it doesn’t hurt to have a little help. Pick one of the wedding pants above for a good starting point as you put together your next wedding outfit. Or keep browsing Berle’s collections for plenty of other smart options.

June 05, 2018 by Berle Editor
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