Durable Men’s Dress Pants: Take On Any Weather In Style

It’s a common scenario: you take your time to get ready in the morning, donning your best trousers and taking special care to tie your tie. Then, when you head outdoors and… rain. Even in the summertime, bad weather remains a constant threat to the fashion-conscious. If you’re going to maintain a quality look, you’re going to need to know how to find the clothes that will look good and continue to perform even after exposure to bad weather. Here are some great durable men’s dress pants options with a few tips to take on the weather in style.

Does the Fabric Matter for Bad Weather?

Yes and no. It’s important to wear durable dress pants that have high-quality fabric in their construction—otherwise, you’ll find that it’s prone to tearing and holes at the seams. But when it comes to weather resistance, you should look more at the weaving and the design of the pants themselves.

For example, consider our Performance Dress Khakis. These khakis, like many of the khakis you’ll find here at Berle, are constructed from 100% cotton. What makes them particularly suited to handling nasty weather? The wrinkle and stain-resistant cotton twill construction. These khakis aren’t necessarily designed to be worn as rain-proof legwear, but they will give you a little more leeway when bad weather hits. They also provide some added protection against spills and scuffs.

How to Match Your Trousers to the Weather

Bad weather has a way of sneaking up on you. Even though you keep tuned to the weather report and set alerts on your phone, sometimes, you don’t have access to technology. That can mean getting stuck outside somewhere and getting soaked before you can find appropriate shelter. The question is: what trousers do you want to wear in those scenarios?

Well, it depends. In cool weather, wool holds on to its insulative properties, even when wet, which makes it ideal for handling bad weather as well as any pair of trousers can. Stretch Tropical Weight Wool trousers are a great example of mostly-wool pants that sneak a surprising amount of function into their high-fashion appearance.

In hot weather, look for the word “performance.” Our Performance Dress Khaki pants range from formal to casual, giving you plenty of options for resisting challenging whether when the time comes. These are highly durable dress pants that can help you take on anything while looking your best.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Let’s be honest: in most cases, you’ll find yourself close enough to shelter that you don’t have to worry about your dress pants getting soaked. But because that’s not always possible, there are a few good tips to keep in mind if you want to stay ahead of the weather:

  • Check the daily update. Whether you get your weather from the radio, a smartphone app, or simply your daily chit-chat, keep a mindful eye on the weather if you plan on spending any time outdoors.
  • Dress for performance. Check for stain and wrinkle resistance in your trousers if you want an upgrade in your ability to handle bad weather.
  • Keep supplies handy. An emergency rain poncho in the car can mean the difference between a wet business suit and a dry set of clothes.

Want to find more men’s durable dress pants for handling the ever-changing weather? Then keep browsing Berle and the links above for a head start.